LEED Buildings

LEED Buildings at NOVA

These buildings are currently Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified:

  1. Annandale Campus, Mark R. Warner Student Services Building (CA), LEED Certified (2013)
  2. Manassas Campus, Parrish Hall (MP), LEED Gold (2013)
  3. Woodbridge Campus, Support Services Building (WFM), LEED Silver (2014)
  4. Woodbridge Campus, Arts & Science (WAS), LEED Gold (2016)
  5. Alexandria Campus, Center for Design, Media, and the Arts (CDMA), LEED Gold (2017)
  6. Woodbridge Campus, Regional Center for Workforce Education & Training (RCWET), LEED Silver (2017)
  7. Loudoun Campus, Higher Education Center (HEC), LEED Silver (2018)
  8. Annandale Campus, Brault (CH), LEED Silver (2019)