Sustainability Ideas

  • Identify sustainability-related courses ("Green Course").
  • Incorporate sustainability principles into all aspects of curricula.

Community Outreach and Education

  • Connect with local communities to promote sustainability events and initiatives.
  • Develop and schedule a sustainability seminar series to educate individuals about sustainability ideas in all disciplines.
  • Engage external organizations and businesses to promote sustainability initiatives.

Dining and Food Services

  • Incorporate sustainability issues into new dining services -- recycling, compost, oil reuse, etc.
  • Advertise food chain sustainability in dining areas.
  • Introduce local and organic foods and materials.
  • Introduce biodegradable and/or compostable serving-ware and utensils.
  • Reduce or eliminate plastic water bottles and provide bottle refilling stations.
  • Introduce more vegetarian options.
  • Convert to tray-less dining.

Facilities and Operations

Green Building / Renovation

  • Design and construct new buildings and make renovations to environmentally friendly building standards.
  • Ensure energy efficiency measures and certification marketed and promoted internally and externally.

Building Operations

  • Incorporate environmentally friendly practices into all building operations.
  • Implement energy efficiency measures across all campuses, especially heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Encourage energy conservation behavior.

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Monitor air and water quality to ensure environmental compliance and take measures if not in compliance.
  • In accordance with policies and procedures, maintain control and tracking of all hazardous material to ensure proper handling, storage and disposal.

Landscaping / Maintenance

  • Where possible and available, transition to electric equipment.
  • Where possible and available, choose benign treatment, application, or management methods in place of hazardous chemicals. (ex. pesticides)
  • Compost available material.

Stormwater Management

Cleaning / Recycling

  • Incorporate and promote the use of more environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods.
  • Ensure housekeeping contractor handles recyclable material appropriately and per college policies.
  • Measure college waste and recycling to determine recycling rates per campus.

Print Services

  • Use existing software to encourage a paperless environment. (ex. print to .PDF)
  • All paper purchases should be 100% recycled paper.
  • Set all equipment to print and copy on both sides of the paper.
  • Encourage black and white printing.


  • Incorporate sustainability language into all contract proposals and purchasing.
  • Incorporate sustainability considerations in evaluating proposals.
  • Implement college and campus policies and processes to influence campus vendors and contracted providers.


  • Carpool
  • Where available, use electric maintenance vehicles on campus.
  • Incorporate more hybrid vehicles into the College's vehicle fleet.
  • Encourage use of public transportation.
  • Provide shuttle service between campuses and to public transportation hubs. (ex. Metro stations)
  • Promote biking to and on campus.
  • Add electric vehicle charging stations on campus.
  • Alexandria-Arlington-Workforce-Metro NOVA Shuttle

Travel Services

  • Where available, use virtual services (conference calls, webinars, etc.) to minimize traveling both local and long distance.
  • When feasible, consider carpooling to meetings, conferences or events.
  • When feasible, consider traveling by train.

Workforce Development

  • Identify sustainability-related courses ("Green Course") and promote green jobs training. (ex. hybrid maintenance, LEED certification, high efficiency battery research, energy auditor training)
  • Connect with local businesses or institutions to develop internships or in-person experiences for green jobs training. (ex. new construction projects for LEED experience)