If, for any reason, you are leaving employment with NOVA, please use the detailed information below to ensure a smooth transition and to provide the continuation of any benefits you may need.

Full-Time Employees (All steps)/Adjunct & Wage Employee (Steps 1 and 10 only)

Step 1:  Employee Separation Notification Form ( also applicable to Adjunct and wage employees)

If an employee chooses to submit a letter of or email resignation to their supervisor, the supervisor will respond to the employee acknowledging receipt and acceptance of the resignation. The supervisor will then submit the 105-021 based on receipt of this notification. Otherwise, employees can electronically submit the 105-021 Employee Separation Notification form by visiting the  NOVA Forms Library. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is requested.

Your day of resignation is generally the last day you have worked or the last day of your paid leave. Holidays, school closings and illness may call for an alternative date.

Step 2: Direct Deposit

If you currently use direct deposit, it will continue through your last salaried pay unless you notify Human Resources. Leave balance payments are not generally direct deposited. These checks are mailed to the home of the forwarding address unless you indicate on the letter or resignation form that you wish to pick them up. For more information, contact NOVA Payroll at 703.323.3076.

Note: Lag pay will frequently permit salaried pay on a pay date following your resignation date.


If you are retiring as a VRS member, you will be asked to resubmit direct deposit information to complete the VRS-5 (Service Retirement Application). The resubmission authorizes direct deposit of your monthly retirement payment.

Step 3: Payment of Leave

Leave balance payments are disbursed in separate checks, generally in the pay period immediately following the resignation date or receipt of the last salaried pay.

Disability Credits
Employees participating in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) who were employed prior to January 1, 1999, must choose to:

  1. Convert unused disability credits to service credits to increase their Virginia Retirement System (VRS) benefit or
  2. Receive a payment from their employer for 25% of their disability credits up to $5,000. If a member elects to convert the disability credits to service credits, one month of service credit is granted for every 173 hours of disability credits, rounded up to the next highest month.

Download the  VSDP Conversion of Disability Credits Form and submit it to Human Resources.

Step 4: Change of Address

Please note the forwarding address on your completed form 105-21 (Letter of Resignation/Retirement). After your separation from the college, please notify the NOVA Payroll Department of any change in address to avoid a delay in receipt of your annual W-2. For more information regarding your tax statement, please get in touch with NOVA Payroll at 703.323.3076.

Step 5: Life Insurance

Basic Group Life - Non-Retirees

If you terminate your employment and have not become eligible to retire, your group life insurance coverage ends. However, you may convert to an individual whole-life policy at non-group rates, by completing a Conversion to Classic Life enrollment form. This form is available here.

Basic Group Life – Retirees

Basic group life coverage automatically continues for eligible employees processing a service retirement. However, coverage begins to reduce on January 1 following, one calendar year after your employment ends. The reduction rate is 25 percent each January 1 until it reaches 25 percent of the total life insurance benefit value at retirement. See detailed information in the  VRS Getting Ready to Retire Guide.

Optional Group Life – Non-Retirees

If you terminate employment and are not eligible to continue optional life coverage as a retiree, your optional life insurance terminates. However, you may convert to an individual policy. The conversion privilege may be exercised without evidence of insurability if election to convert is made within 31 days of the termination. Premiums may be higher than those paid by active employees. Spouse and dependent children coverage also ends when your coverage terminates, but you may also convert this insurance to an individual policy. The conversion form and additional information can be found here.

Optional Group Life – Retirees

If you are enrolled in the Optional Group Life Insurance Program and meet the qualifications for retirement, you may continue a portion of your coverage upon leaving employment. You, as well as your spouse and dependent children, if enrolled, must have been continuously covered during the 60 months preceding your retirement date. The maximum amount of optional life insurance coverage in retirement is $300,000. You must elect to continue your coverage within 31 days of the last day of the month in which you leave your position. This option is not available after 31 days. See more details in the  VRS Getting Ready to Retire Guide.

Step 6: Deferred Compensation Plans

403(b) Participants

Exiting employees participating in the 403(b) plan should contact their respective vendors for options for accessing contributions in their 403-b account. Toll-free numbers for each vendor can be found on your quarterly statement.

457 Participants

Exiting employees participating in the 457 plan should contact a Deferred Compensation Representative at 1.877.327.5261 for options for accessing funds.

Step 7: Medical Insurance


Active group coverage for covered employees and family members terminates at midnight on the last day of the month, during which employment ends, as long as premiums for that month are paid in full.

Teaching faculty members who complete the academic year may elect to continue coverage under the active group plan through the end of the contract period (generally August 31st) as long as HR is notified in advance of termination and premiums are paid in advance for all coverage months.

A notification of rights to continue coverage through Extended Coverage/COBRA at COBRA rates, along with an Extended Coverage Enrollment Form, will be mailed to the terminating employee’s home within 14 days of the date active group coverage ends. The completed enrollment form must be received in Human Resources within 60 calendar days of the date active group coverage ends. For questions on extended coverage, email benefits@nvcc.edu.


Upon retirement, employees may elect to enroll in health coverage under the state’s retiree health benefits program. Retiree enrollment forms, as well as retiree health care premiums, can be found here:   http://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/healthcoverage. Human Resources must receive completed forms either enrolling in coverage as a retiree or declining coverage within 31 calendar days of the retirement date. Forms may be submitted by secure email to  benefits@nvcc.edu.

Step 8: UNUM Disability Coverage

Coverage in the NOVA Group Long-Term Disability Plan ceases at the end of the month in which the termination occurs. Your eligibility to continue the coverage on a non-group basis for 12 months without any evidence of insurability depends on whether you have been enrolled for 12 continuous months under the NOVA group plan. If you are interested in applying to keep UNUM coverage as a personal plan, request a written application from Human Resources. Please include your mailing address and a daytime phone number.

Step 9: Flexible Spending Accounts

In most cases, participation in the program will end on the last day of the month in which your active employment status changes. In some instances, you may be eligible to continue participation on an after-tax basis. You will find detailed information in the FSA Sourcebook here:  http://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/employeebenefits/flexiblespendingaccounts

Step 10:  Employee Separation Checkout Sheet ( also  applicable to Adjunct and wage employees except Work-Study Students)

Upon submitting your Employee Separation Notification Form to NOVA, the HR Employee Relations team will schedule an exit meeting with you. Your supervisor will collect all campus-owned property. Starting three days prior to the effective date listed on the 105-021, supervisors will receive an email notification to complete the electronic 105-022 Employee Separation Checkout Sheet.

Step 11: Tuition Assistance

Upon termination, the employee is responsible for tuition payment for coursework not completed. Please refer to  NOVA 105-43/VCCS-16 for further information or contact Human Resources.

Step 12: Long-Term Care Insurance

If you leave or retire from your VRS-covered position, you may elect to continue your long-term care coverage under the long-term care plan. If you continue your coverage, you will pay the premiums directly to the Long Term Care Group, Inc. You will qualify for the same benefits and must meet the same eligibility requirements when submitting a claim for covered services. You must apply within 60 days of your last day of employment. See additional details here:  https://www.varetire.org/pdf/publications/ltc-vsdp-brochure.pdf.

Step 13: VRS Funds

VRS participants who leave employment and are not processing a service retirement can request a refund of member contributions and interest or leave member contributions account balances with VRS and become a deferred member. See your applicable VRS Plan 1, Plan 2 or Hybrid Member Handbook under Publications at  www.varetire.org.

Step 14: Optional Retirement Plan Funds

ORP participants who terminate employment must complete a VRS-65D form and submit it to HR to access ORP funds. The VRS-65D can be found at  www.varetire.org under Forms and may be submitted by secure email to  benefits@nvcc.edu. Terminating employees must be in inactive status for at least one full month prior to requesting disbursement of ORP funds through their ORP provider.

ORP Termination Certification Form (VRS 65D)


You have completed the steps needed to prepare your separation from NOVA. There are some things, however, that cannot be done until the last day of employment. If you are unsure about any of these steps or need further clarification, please email HR.