Frequently Asked Questions

I am a parent; how do I access my student's account?
To access a student's account as the parent, you must have the student's login and password for their myNOVA account. In general, parents do not have access to student's accounts without permission from the student.

How and when will I receive my refund?
Refunds are received depending on the original payment form. Cash and check payments will be refunded by check, and credit card payments will be refunded to the credit card. The refund process is automatic in most cases and is run at least once a week to generate student refunds. Financial Aid refunds are always processed as check refunds and are dispersed throughout the semester.

Why haven't I received my refund?
Possible reasons for the delay in a refund could be -- a hold on a student account if you owe a debt to the College (including Library, Parking, Business Office, Tuition Contract Office, Financial Aid) or an incorrect address on file for the student.

I registered for classes, but my account does not have a balance.
Possible reasons for the tuition rate not showing in an account is if tuition rates have not been updated for a semester you are registering early for – in which case, check the account later for updates. Your account may need to be recalculated to update changes. Contact a campus Business Office to request a manual tuition recalculation. Another reason may be because the add action of your classes did not go through successfully. Double-check your cart to ensure you followed all the correct steps to add your classes.

A third party is paying for my tuition; when will it show on my account?
Third-party payments are processed after an invoice is sent to the Third Party, which is done after the drop deadline for the session class(es) that you are enrolled. The Third Party has up to 30 days to pay after receipt of the invoice.

When I click on the Make a Payment link, nothing happens.
Check that you do not have pop-up blockers preventing the Make a Payment window from opening.

When is the last day to drop my classes and get my money back?
The last day to drop classes and receive a refund is dependent on the session in which the class is classified. Check the Schedule of Classes or call a Business Office to confirm the date.

Contact Information for Campus-Specific Questions:

Senior Citizen Billing Questions – 703.323.3132 or
Nelnet Payment Plan – 703.450.2562 or
Military Contracts – 703.878.5605 or
State Prepaid Programs – 703.323.4390 or
Tuition Contracts – 703.323.4390 or