Career & Leadership Readiness Institute (CLRI)

About CLRI

CLRI is NOVA IET’s premier professional development program. Elevate your skills and knowledge, positioning yourself as a competitive candidate for internships, jobs, and your career path.

  • CLRI sessions run during Fall and Spring semesters, spanning 5 weeks.
  • Engage in a dynamic program featuring workshops, team projects, and an exclusive Executive Mentoring and Networking event.
  • Attend workshops twice a week, delving into topics such as Personal Branding, Technical Resume Building, Mock Interviews, Networking, Communication Skills, Government Vetting, Leadership, and more!
  • Led by industry leaders and experts, these sessions are open to all students, providing invaluable insights and skills for your professional journey.

Set Yourself Up for Career Readiness!

CLRI may include hosting an Industry Panel to provide insights into career readiness.  We offer multiple site-visits to cutting-edge tech companies such as Micron, Stack Infrastructure, Lockheed Martin, Iron Mountain Data Centers, and Digital Realty.

The CLRI program is specifically designed to support students in Information and Engineering Technologies (IET) and Computer Science programs. It does, however, include professional development benefits for all NOVA students.

IET students who complete the CLRI program will receive priority consideration for our paid internships with industry partners. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get career-ready!

CLRI helped me to get professional skills, to meet people, to make connections, to build my network. I really learned how to rebrand my resumé to attract hiring managers.

Kanyin NOVA IT Major

I want to get better, I want to be better, I want to do better, and I want an opportunity to come my way. This gave me the opportunity. It was a lot of fun and definitely built my confidence.

Elizabeth NOVA IT Major

The nicest thing about CLRI is that you get to know a lot of people who are like-minded, and industry professionals who give you really good advice. It's definitely worth joining.

Hamid IST Major