Become an Advisor

Interested in Becoming a Student Club Advisor?

If you are a faculty, administrator or staff member on campus and would like to get more involved with clubs, organizations or interest groups on campus, please consider becoming an advisor! Throughout the year, students decide they would like to begin new clubs and organizations on campus -- if you are interested in becoming a Student Group Advisor please contact the Office of Student Life.

The Role of Student Club Advisor

All student clubs are required to have a full-time faculty or staff advisor (part-time staff or adjunct faculty can serve as a co-advisor). If a club cannot find an advisor, a Student Life staff member may serve as a temporary advisor for a maximum period of one academic year.

As a Student Group Advisor, you take an active interest in the organization and become familiar with policies and procedures of the campus and college as they relate to student clubs. The Advisor should act as a "guiding hand" for clubs; reasonably available to assist with interpreting college policies, signing any necessary forms, or managing conflict. It is not the jobs of Club Advisors to run meetings, plan events, or recruit members.

If the Student Group Advisor wishes to resign from their position as an Advisor, they should notify the club and Student Life in writing at least one month before. An Advisor may be requested to resign from their role as defined by the club's constitution and bylaws.