Ancillary Fees

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Name Price
Lead Technician $60/hour
Additional Technician $55/hour
Police $70/hour (4 hour minimum)
Follow Spot Operator $55/hour


Name Price
9’ Concert Grand Piano $275/day
6’ Grand Piano $225/day
Piano Tuning $180/service
Yamaha Motif XS8 Synthesizer-Keyboard $275/day
Casio Privia Portable Keyboard $125/day


The Center owns most major orchestral percussion equipment. Instruments are available for full season rental with a $500 donation to the NVCC Educational Foundation. Donations help support the Alexandria Campus Music programs. There is a one-time use fee of $250.

Projection and A/V

Name Price
70" Flat Screen TV $325/day
DLP Projector $250/day
DLP Projector w/ computer $300/day
Projection Screen $75/day

Lighting and Sound

Name Price
Follow Spot $75/day
Stage Lights $10/day
Podium w/ PA system $50/service
Portable Sound System $200/day
Speakers/ Stage Monitors  $50/day/speaker


Name Price
Shure SM57, 58 $25/day
Shure wireless $25/day
Shure MC393/ C boundary $25/day
Earthworks Z30-X $40/day
Audio Technica AT853 $40/day
AKG D112 $40/day
Shure KSM44 $75/day
AKG C391 $75/day
Sennheiser MKH800 $75/day

Audio Recording

Name Price
Audio Recording (CD) $300 (3 hours maximum)


Name Price
Dance Floor $200/day
Standing Risers $30/section/day
Seated Risers $15/section/day
Stage Blacks $175/day
Cyclorama $75/day
Seminar Room Tech * $100/day
Orchestra Pit Seats $350/event

* Includes Seminar Room sound, basic lighting, and use of 70" flat screen TV (1 available)

House Lighting

House lighting is provided as part of the performance rental rate (house lighting is a “concert” setup). ANY setup other than the standard house plot will incur additional costs charged on a time and equipment basis.

House Sound

House sound is provided as part of the performance rental rate (house sound consists of two ceiling speaker clusters and up to 2 mics – SM 57, 58 or equivalent). ANY setup other than standard house sound will incur additional costs charged on a time and equipment basis.

Special Permission for Equipment Use

Special permission is also needed for the use of outside rigging companies in order to "fly."

Important Notes

A 30% administrative surcharge will be assessed on ALL equipment, furniture, etc. The Center rents and/or acquires at the request of and for the use of an organization and/or an individual.

NVCC retains the right to assess additional equipment charges at its discretion. Repair costs for damaged equipment and/or replacement costs for equipment not returned will be charged to the user named on the Facilities Use contract.

Fog/smoke machines cannot be used in the facility.

**Prices are subject to change without notice.