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JumpStart Frequently Asked Questions

What is JumpStart2NOVA?

JumpStart2NOVA gives graduating seniors in NOVA’s service region an opportunity to take tuition-free summer courses. Qualified students can take one 3-credit course as well as NOVA’s 1-credit Student Development course (SDV 100). JumpStart2NOVA courses run from May 30 to August 9.

Which students are eligible to participate inJumpStart2NOVA?

JumpStart2NOVA students must be high school seniors graduating in spring 2023 from a public, private, or home school, and who are considering attending NOVA after high school.

Students must reside in NOVA’s service region: City of Alexandria, Arlington County, City of Falls Church, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, City of Manassas, City of Manassas Park, or Prince William County.

Students must meet the same academic eligibility requirements as dual enrollment students. See: https://www.nvcc.edu/dual-enrollment/admission-placement.html

Students who have previously taken courses with NOVA must be in good academic standing at NOVA.

Will I have to pay for my JumpStart2NOVA courses?

Tuition for JumpStart2NOVA courses will be paid via scholarship – students do not owe tuition and fees for courses enrolled through the JumpStart2NOVA program. Students are responsible for any textbooks or course materials required. Students will see a tuition bill for their JumpStart2NOVA courses and will receive email reminders to make a payment.

Please disregard these reminders. As long as you followed the registration procedures and were enrolled through the Office of Dual Enrollment, NOVA will apply your scholarship to cover tuition and fees for your JumpStart course no later than the last day of class. You are responsible for tuition and fees for any courses enrolled outside of the JumpStart2NOVA program.

What courses are being offered?

  • ART 100
  • CST 110
  • ECO 202
  • ENG 111
  • ITE 152
  • ITP 150
  • MTH 154
  • MUS 121
  • PLS 140
  • SOC 200
  • SDV 100

Why were these classes selected for JumpStart2NOVA?

JumpStart2NOVA courses were chosen because they apply to NOVA degrees and a high percentage of transfer pathways. These courses also meet requirements for Virginia’s Uniform Certificate of General Studies.

How will I be enrolled?

The JumpStart2NOVA scholarship for tuition-free courses applies only to selected courses and sections. Students must follow the registration process outlined on the website and will be enrolled by a NOVA registrar. Students will not enroll themselves or select the section and instructor. The JumpStart2NOVA scholarship only applies to tuition and fees. While many JumpStart2NOVA courses use open educational resources, students will be expected to purchase any textbooks or other required course materials at their own expense.

What is the mode of instruction?

All courses are offered asynchronously through NOVA Online (NOL). This means there will not be regularly scheduled real-time meetings. You will be expected to meet all deadlines outlined on the course syllabus. Instructors are available for office hours and may offer virtual meetings throughout the course. Students who take NOL courses must have access to a computer and reliable internet, and may be required to participate in classes or take exams with their camera on. Remotely proctored exams also require the use of the Respondus Lockdown Browser, which must be downloaded to the student's computer. For more information about NOL courses, view the orientation section of their website: https://online.nvcc.edu/orientation/

When are JumpStart courses taking place?

JumpStart2NOVA courses run from May 30 to August 9. Students may drop their course on or before June 9. Students may withdraw without grade penalty on or before July 12. Students are expected to drop or withdraw from their courses on their own by following the tutorial in their NOVA Account.

Students should also check their NOVA email regularly for reminders and updates from NOL and instructors: https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/students/email/

Should you desire to drop or withdraw from your JumpStart2NOVA courses, please see the links here:

Can I have my final grade expunged or removed from my NOVA transcript?

No! JumpStart2NOVA courses are college courses; final grades are entered on your official NOVA transcript. You will be required to submit this transcript to every college or university to which you may later apply. As a JumpStart student, you will have access to free online tutoring and NOVA Online Success Coaches to help you be successful in your classes – please take advantage of these resources! https://www.nvcc.edu/tutoring/online-tutoring.html

Make sure you check your NOVA email regularly for reminders and updates from NOL and instructors and get started on the course start date:https://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/students/email/

Should you desire to drop the course(s) or withdraw from the course(s) see the links here:

Who is teaching these courses?

Courses will be taught by NOVA Online instructors. You will be enrolled in a JumpStart2NOVA section and will not have the option to select your instructor.

Why is NOVA offering the JumpStart2NOVA program to graduating seniors?

As a strong community partner, NOVA understands our area high school students face many challenges, not the least of which is an affordable college education. We are deeply committed to ensuring students receive the academic preparation necessary to accelerate their post-secondary education and careers.Of course, we also want students to see the many benefits of taking courses at NOVA and completing a degree with us! It is our hope that JumpStart2NOVA students will stay at NOVA for Fall 2023 and beyond.