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NumberForm NameFormat
105-083 Parking Services: Permit Refund Request Online
105-088E Enrollment Services: Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver Online
105-101 NOVACard Graduating/Closing Account/Refund Request Online
105-127 Senior Citizen Certification of Eligibility for Free Tuition – Workforce Development Courses (Non-Credit) PDF
125-007 Preadmission Health History and Physical for NOVA Allied Health Programs PDF
125-010 GED Preparation Programs in Northern Virginia PDF
125-011 Accommodations and Accessibility Services: Request for Alternate Format PDF
125-012 Enrollment Services: Auditing a Class: Permission to Audit PDF
125-013 Enrollment Services: Course Repeat Request Online
125-014 Enrollment Services: Change of Section Request After Schedule Adjustment Period (Census Date) PDF
125-016 Academic Overload Request Online
125-017 Preadmission Health History and Physical for NOVA Nursing Program PDF
125-018 Sexual Misconduct Complaint Form Online
125-021 Student Grievance Forms PDF
125-022 Enrollment Services: Domicile: Appeal for Reclassification (Level II) PDF
125-023 Enrollment Services: Student Records (FERPA): Request to Prevent Disclosure of Student Information PDF
125-024 Annual NOVA Nighthawk SEAL Awards Nomination Form Online
125-026 Enrollment Services: Change of Name or Social Security Number PDF
125-027 Reinstatement Request Online
125-030 Enrollment Services: Enrollment Services: Application for Admission PDF
125-030_pg3 Enrollment Services: Application For Virginia In-State Tuition Rates PDF
125-030A Curriculum Codes PDF
125-030b Enrollment Services: Parent/Legal Guardian signature for students under the age of 18 PDF
125-033 Petition for Assessment by Local Examination PDF
125-036 Financial Aid: Credit Balance Authorization Form Online
125-037 Internship Registration Packet: Release of Information PDF
125-038 Internship Registration Packet: Job Description Form PDF
125-039 Academic Renewal Petition Form PDF
125-040 Internship Registration Packet: Course Authorization Form PDF
125-041 Course Prerequisite Waiver Form Online
125-042 I-20 Application Checklist PDF
125-043 F-1 I-20 Application – Associate degree PDF
125-045 F-1 Student Check-In Form Online
125-047 Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances PDF
125-049E Enrollment Services: Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Online
125-061 F1 Request for Services E-form Online
125-062E Veterans Enrollment Adjustment Form Online
125-063E Veteran Enrollment Request Form (VERF) Online
125-064 Enrollment Services: Application for Graduation Online Form Online
125-065 F-1 Release of I-20 for Transferring Out of NOVA PDF
125-067A F-1 Student Financial Statement PDF
125-069 Enrollment Services: Closed Class Entry Authorization Before Census Date PDF
125-070 Enrollment Services: Enrollment with Permission PDF
125-075 F-1:Recommendation for Reduced Course Load Based on Illness or Medical Condition PDF
125-078 Application for Approval as an Interest Group PDF
125-080 Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages PDF
125-082 Approval to Participate in Trip/Course PDF
125-083 Release of Liability for Student Independent Transportation/Code of Conduct PDF
125-084 NVCC Student Travel Expenditure Request/Report PDF
125-087 Incident/Infectious Exposure Report Form - Health Technologies Division PDF
125-088 Incident Report Form - Student/Vistors PDF
125-090 Financial Aid: Marital Status Worksheet - Dependent Student PDF
125-091 Financial Aid: Marital Status Worksheet - Independent Student PDF
125-094 Enrollment Services: Enrollment Verification Request PDF
125-098 Financial Aid: Ineligible Majors and Discontinued Programs PDF
125-099 Enrollment Services: Verification of Independent Status for Students under 24 PDF
125-102 Dependent (2023-2024) Financial Aid: 2023-2024 Clarification of Family Members and Number in College – Dependent PDF
125-102 Dependent (2024-2025) Financial Aid: 2024-2025 Clarification of Family Members – Dependent PDF
125-102 Independent (2023-2024) Financial Aid: 2023-2024 Clarification of Family Members and Number in College – Independent PDF
125-102 Independent (2024-2025) Financial Aid: 2024-2025 Clarification of Family Members – Independent PDF
125-104 Enrollment Services: Early Admission for High School/Homeschool Seniors PDF
125-108 NOVA Basketball Team Member Verification Form PDF
125-109 NOVA Soccer Team Member Verification Form PDF
125-110 NOVA Volleyball Team Member Verification Form PDF
125-111 Enrollment Services: Student Records (FERPA): Parent Access Verification PDF
125-115 Enrollment Services: In-State Tuition Form for Active Duty and Military Dependents PDF
125-124 Financial Aid:Intent to Return Confirmation PDF
125-127 Financial Aid: Request for Dependency Status Change Due to Change in Marital Status PDF
125-128 Financial Aid: Intent to Enroll PDF
125-140 Financial Aid: Request for Financial Aid for Study Abroad PDF
125-141 Financial Aid: Study Abroad Course Approval Form PDF
125-161 Special Student's Lecture Taping Assignment PDF
125-175 Financial Aid: Work-Study Agreement PDF
125-180 Apostille International Authentication Request PDF
125-207 Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Individual High School Students PDF
125-208 Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Home Schooled Students PDF
125-228 Financial Aid: Request for Unsubsidized Loan due to No Parental Support PDF
125-260 Financial Aid: Federal Student Financial Aid Application -Signature Certification Page PDF
125-263 Financial Aid: Student Statement for Reinstatement of Federal Loan Eligibility PDF
125-275 Financial Aid: Physician's Certification of Borrower's Condition PDF
125-278 Hope Tax Credit and Other Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997 Reporting Requirements PDF
125-284 Veterans Education Benefits Recipients: Satisfactory Progress Policy PDF
125-291 Club Renewal or New Club/College Organization Recognition Packet PDF
125-295 College Registration Of Demonstrations PDF
125-299 Financial Aid: Bachelor’s Degree Determination PDF
125-300 Financial Aid: Request to Convert a Work-Study Student to a P-14/Student Hire PDF
125-319 F-1 I-20 Application - PPREP Program PDF
125-323 Financial Aid: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form Online
125-324 Financial Aid: Appeal to Dependency Status PDF
125-325 (23-24) Financial Aid: Income Reduction Appeal for 2023-2024 PDF
125-325 (24-25) Financial Aid: Income Reduction Appeal for 2024-2025 PDF
125-327 Financial Aid: Consortium Agreement PDF
125-332 Financial Aid: Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose PDF
125-333 Financial Aid: Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose(Notarized) PDF
125-338 Accommodations and Accessibility Services: Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Agreement PDF
125-340E Enrollment Services: College Records Office Request for Verification of Degree/Certificate Program Completion Online
125-342 Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement PDF
125-345 Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Student Commitment to Complete Certificate or Degree Online
125-346 Financial Aid: Loan Planning Form PDF
125-347E Service Members Opportunity College (SOC) Agreement Online
125-349E Military Credit Evaluation Request Online
125-356 Student Records (FERPA): Consent to Release Educational Records PDF
125-362 Formal Administrative Hearing Opinion PDF
125-366 Student Conduct Process – Informal Hearing Information PDF
125-368 Request for an Expedited Hearing PDF
125-369 Student Conduct Panel Confidentiality Form PDF
125-370 Student Statement Form PDF
125-371 Conduct Panel Report Notes PDF
125-381 Assumption of the Risk & Medical Release PDF
125-385 Financial Aid: Academic Plan PDF
125-393 F-1 Student Financial Statement – Intensive English Program PDF
125-393(2021 Tax Year) Financial Aid: Parent Untaxed Income & Additional Financial Information for 2021 Tax Year PDF
125-393(2024-2025) Financial Aid: Parent Income and Asset Information for 2024-2025 FAFSA PDF
125-394(2021 Tax Year) Financial Aid: Student Untaxed Income & Additional Financial Information for 2021 Tax Year PDF
125-394(2024-2025) Financial Aid: Student Income and Asset Information for 2024-2025 FAFSA PDF
125-395 Financial Aid: Verification of Immigration/Citizenship Status PDF
125-397 Financial Aid: Attestation of High School Completion & Alternative Documentation PDF
125-401 NVCC Intellectual Ownership PDF
125-402 NVCC Intellectual Property Notification Form PDF
125-403E Diploma Cover Request Form Online
125-406 Enrollment Services: Enrollment Services Request Form Online
125-407 Tuition Equity Provision PDF
125-408 (23-24) Financial Aid: Reinstatement or Cancellation Request 2023-2024 PDF
125-408 (24-25) Financial Aid: Reinstatement or Cancellation Request 2024-2025 PDF
125-409 Financial Aid: Fresh Start Initiative Acknowledgment PDF
ASEP_Application GM ASEP Candidate Application Form PDF
Employment_Packet Financial Aid: Work-Study Employment Packet PDF
Rehiredocument Financial Aid: Work-Study Rehire Documents PDF