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NumberForm NameFormat
125-076 "I" Grade Assignment Form Online
105-045 Access Request Form Online
125-338 Accommodations and Accessibility Services: Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Agreement PDF
125-011 Accommodations and Accessibility Services: Request for Alternate Format PDF
105-192 ADA: Accommodation Request Form PDF
105-194 ADA: Medical Professional’s Documentation of Disability PDF
105-054 Advertising Submissions PDF
105-153 Agreement for Musical/Artistic Performance PDF
125-024 Annual NOVA Nighthawk SEAL Awards Nomination Form Online
125-180 Apostille International Authentication Request PDF
125-078 Application for Approval as an Interest Group PDF
125-398 Application for Full-Time Teaching Faculty Voluntary Pre-Retirement Workload Reduction Program PDF
105-112 Application for Use of Facilities PDF
105-035 Application to Teach SDV Courses PDF
200-025 Assessment and Placement Testing PDF
125-152 Assumption of Risk PDF
125-381 Assumption of the Risk & Medical Release PDF
NA Audio-Visual Equipment Request Form PDF
105-126 Budget Transfer Online
105-003 Business Meal Approval Request Form (Non Travel Meals) PDF
105-091 Business Office Receipt (contact the Business Office Manager at your campus to reorder)
105-068 Campus Police Department Notice of Court Continuance PDF
105-174 Campus Security Authority Jeanne Clery Act (Statistics Incident Report) PDF
105-206 Charge Card Program: Employee Paid Individual Liability Travel Card Employee Request Agreement PDF
105-220 Charge Card Program: GOLD Card Application PDF
105-221 Charge Card Program: GOLD Card Limit Increase Request PDF
105-216 Charge Card Program: Limit Increase Request PDF
105-190 Charge Card Program: PCard Missing Receipt Affidavit Online
105-222 Charge Card Program: Request To Pay Past Due Invoice PDF
105-215 Charge Card Program: Restriction Removal Request PDF
105-118 Charge Card Program: Small Purchase Charge Card Request and Employee Agreement Online
105-111 Check Request Online
105-185 Class Observation Assessment PDF
105-093 Collection Voucher PDF
125-3 Commonwealth of Virginia Voter Registration Agency Verification PDF
105-200 Course Content & eText Fee Opt-Out Request PDF
125-053 Course Grade Appeal PDF
125-032 Course Substitution Request Online Form Online
200-029 Curriculum Advisory Committee Nomination Form PDF
125-030A Curriculum Codes PDF
105-193 Discrimination Complaint Form PDF
105-135 Disposal Authorization Online
125-097 Domicile: Appeal for Reclassification (Level l) PDF
125-360 Dual Enrollment Faculty Liaison Checklist PDF
125-208 Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Home Schooled Students PDF
125-207 Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Individual High School Students PDF
105-223 Editorial Calendar Submission Online
EmpAccidrpt Employer's Accident Report PDF
125-064 Enrollment Services: Application for Graduation Online Form Online
125-030_pg3 Enrollment Services: Application For Virginia In-State Tuition Rates PDF
125-028 Enrollment Services: Class Schedule Worksheet PDF
125-022 Enrollment Services: Domicile: Appeal for Reclassification (Level II) PDF
125-030 Enrollment Services: Enrollment Services: Application for Admission PDF
125-070 Enrollment Services: Enrollment with Permission PDF
105-088E Enrollment Services: Senior Citizen Enrollment Tuition Waiver Online
105-146 Enrollment Services: Student Records (FERPA): Employee Agreement PDF
105-189 eVA Receiving Request Form Online
125-065 F-1 Release of I-20 for Transferring Out of NOVA PDF
125-136 F-1 Degree Statement of Responsibility - Academic Students PDF
125-043 F-1 I-20 Application – Associate degree PDF
125-134 F-1 Nondegree Statement of Responsibility – Language Training (IEP) PDF
125-066 F-1 Status Verification PDF
125-045 F-1 Student Check-In Form Online
125-067A F-1 Student Financial Statement – Associate Degree PDF
125-067B F-1 Student Financial Statement – Intensive English Program PDF
125-075 F-1:Recommendation for Reduced Course Load Based on Illness or Medical Condition PDF
105-128 Facilities Planning Project/Building Permit Request PDF
105-184 Faculty Develop and Evaluation Plan: Annual Performance and Professional Development Objective Setting Instrument PDF
105-096 Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan for Associate Instructors PDF
105-181 Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan: Probationary First-Year Appointment PDF
105-182 Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan: Second/Third-Year Appointment PDF
105-183 Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan: Senior Faculty Appointments PDF
105-125 Faculty of the Year Nomination Form PDF
105-237 Form Automation Request Online
125-362 Formal Administrative Hearing Opinion PDF
105-180 General Ledger ACTUAL Expense/Revenue Transfers and Adjustments Online
105-214 Gift Card Authorization Form PDF
GM ASEP Candidate Application Form PDF
105-188 Good Housekeeping Findings & Follow-up Form PDF
125-004 Grade Change Request Online
105-052 Grant Proposal Transmittal Form PDF
125-150 Honors Course Evaluation PDF
125-147 Honors Course Permission PDF
125-148 Honors Option Agreement PDF
125-149 Honors Program Application Online
125-146 Honors/Honors Option Faculty Course Proposal PDF
105-043B HR: Employee Educational Assistance Request – External Course Online
105-043A HR: Employee Educational Assistance Request - NOVA Credit Course Online
105-039 HR: Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution PDF
HR: Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Online
105-080 HR: Adjunct Faculty Personnel File Check List PDF
105-199 HR: Administrative and Professional Faculty - Annual Objectives & Mid-Year Feedback Instrument (VCCS 2016) PDF
105-198 HR: Administrative and Professional Faculty - Performance Evaluation (VCCS 2016) PDF
105-197 HR: Administrative and Professional Faculty - Self-Assessment (VCCS 2016) PDF
105-166 HR: Alternative Dispute and Grievance Procedure PDF
HR: Annual Performance Evaluation Classified Staff Online
HR: Application for Employment
105-023A HR: Candidate Evaluation PDF
HR: Cash Match Agreement Form PDF
WH-380-E HR: Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition (Family & Medical Leave Act) PDF
WH-380-F HR: Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition (Family & Medical Leave Act) PDF
105-019 HR: Change of Address PDF
105-117 HR: Child Support Enforcement PDF
105-059 HR: Classified Employee Interim Evaluation PDF
105-115 HR: Classified Outside Employment Request and Approval PDF
105-038B HR: Classified Staff Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Notification PDF
105-245 HR: Classified Staff/P14 Spot Award Program Online
105-041 HR: Community Service/School Participation Leave Form PDF
105-110 HR: Earned Compensatory Time Leave Notification PDF
105-021 HR: Employee Separation Notification Online
105-001 HR: Employment Verification PDF
105-075 HR: Faculty Applicant Referral PDF
105-038A HR: Faculty Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Notification PDF
105-116 HR: Faculty Personnel Record Update PDF
105-085 HR: Faculty Reassigned Time PDF
HR: FML Certification of Health Care Provider for Eligible Family Member’s Health Condition PDF
HR: FML Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Health Condition PDF
105-078 HR: Information Technology Employee Acceptable Use Agreement PDF
105-011 HR: Information Technology Employee Ethic Agreement PDF
NA HR: Instructions for Completing Employee Work Profile (EWP) PDF
105-023 HR: Interview and Selection Form PDF
NA HR: Job Description Portion of Employee Work Profile
105-015 HR: Justification Request for Faculty Competence PDF
125-400 HR: Leave Share Donor Form PDF
125-399 HR: Leave Share Recipient Form PDF
105-051 HR: Multi-Year Appointment Recommendation PDF
105-033 HR: New Hire Packet PDF
NA HR: New Hire Packet for P14 PDF
105-152 HR: Nomination for Emeritus Status PDF
105-143 HR: Notice of Hourly/P-14 Extended Absence PDF
105-040 HR: Notice of Improvement Needed/Substandard Performance PDF
105-098 HR: Notification and Release PDF
105-070 HR: Pay Action Worksheet PDF
105-094 HR: Personnel Action Request PDF
105-077 HR: Personnel Information Form PDF
105-240 HR: PHEL Request Form PDF
105-209 HR: Position Justification Request PDF
HR: Post-tax Salary Deduction Authorization Form PDF
105-046 HR: Probationary Progress Review Fact Sheet PDF
105-047A HR: Proposal for Adjunct Faculty Initial Appointment PDF
105-047 HR: Proposal for New Faculty Appointment (Full) PDF
105-147 HR: Recommended Hire Verification PDF
105-207 HR: Request for Recognition Online
105-014 HR: Request for Review of Credentials for Promotion PDF
105-195 HR: Request for Twelve-Month Administrative & Professional Faculty Teaching Credit Courses PDF Online
105-099 HR: Sabbatical Leave Request PDF
HR: Salary Reduction Agreement Form PDF
105-141 HR: Summary of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs PDF
105-113 HR: Telephone Reference PDF
105-109 HR: Telework Agreement Online
HR: Telework Time & Effort Log Entry Online
105-109c HR: Temporary Telework Agreement Online
105-108 HR: Under the Conditions of the Privacy Protection Act of 1976 Acknowledge Review of Personnel Files Below PDF
105-034 HR: Volunteer Status / Workers’ Compensation Act PDF
129-01-004 HR: Written Notice PDF
125-042 I-20 Application Checklist PDF
125-088 Incident Report Form - Student/Vistors PDF
125-087 Incident/Infectious Exposure Report Form - Health Technologies Division PDF
125-180b International Authentication Request PDF
105-005 Inventory: Asset Loan Request Online
105-148 Inventory: Asset Tag Request Online
105-137 Inventory: Asset Update Request Online
105-121 Inventory: Surplus Request Online
105-151 Inventory: Verification of Inventory Performed PDF
105-156 Key and Electronic Door Access Request Form Online
125-047 Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances PDF
105-032 Local Supply Requisition PDF
NA Marquee Use PDF
105-235 Microsoft Teams Request Online
VCCS-29 Normal Minimum Criteria for Each Faculty Rank PDF
125-051 Note Paper PDF
NA NOVA HeW Participant Intake Form PDF
NA NOVA Individual Service Plan Survey PDF
105-230 NOVA Instructional Software Request Online
105-101 NOVACard Graduating/Closing Account/Refund Request Online
105-036 NOVACard Special Affiliate or Contractor Card Request Online
105-037 NOVACard Transaction Refund Request PDF
105-164 NOVAGraphics: Release Agreement PDF
105-160 NOVAGraphics: Request for Graphic Design Artwork PDF
105-161 NOVAGraphics: Request for Photography Services PDF
105-158 NOVAGraphics: Request for Promotional Item Artwork PDF
105-159 NOVAGraphics: Request for Stationery and Invitation Artwork PDF
105-058 NVCC Certificate of Hard Drive Erasure PDF
125-081 NVCC Field Trip/Course Request for Approval Form PDF
125-401 NVCC Intellectual Ownership PDF
125-402 NVCC Intellectual Property Notification Form PDF
105-055 NVCC Speakers Bureau Information Form PDF
105-203 OER Agreement Form PDF
105-202 OER Checklist PDF
105-065 Outstanding Service to the College - Educational Foundation -Awards Nomination Form PDF
105-072 Parking Services: Parking Citation Appeal PDF
105-114 Parking Services: Parking Fee Waiver Request PDF
105-083 Parking Services: Permit Refund Request PDF
105-119 Parking Services: Permit Replacement Request PDF
105-218 Parking Services: Semester-Long Permit Request PDF
105-007 Parking Services: Vehicle Immobilization Notice PDF
105-066 Parking Services: Vehicle Registration Form PDF
105-227 Payroll Deduction Card Online
105-081 Postage and Freight Charge Back Form PDF
125-007 Preadmission Health History and Physical for NOVA Allied Health Programs PDF
125-017 Preadmission Health History and Physical for NOVA Nursing Program PDF
105-100 President’s Sabbatical Award Request PDF
105-205 President’s Scheduling Request Form Online
125-056 Printing Approval for Supplementary Classroom Materials for Sale in Campus Bookstore PDF
105-217 Professional Development Plan for Faculty Promotion PDF
125-392 Programs Involving Minors – Approval and Registration PDF
105-171 Receiving Report/Delivery Ticket PDF
105-090 Renovation/Modification Request Form PDF
105-213 Report of Loss to State Owned Property PDF
105-165 Request for Advertising or Promotional Item Artwork PDF
105-196 Request for Classified Staff Teaching Credit Courses PDF Online
105-069 Request for Court Continuance PDF
105-236 Request for Data/Information Online
105-133 Request for Payment for Guest Speakers PDF
W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Online
125-080 Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages PDF
105-179 Return Authorization Request Form PDF
105-099A Sabbatical Request for Fulbright or Similar Award PDF
105-127 Senior Citizen Certification of Eligibility for Free Tuition – Workforce Development Courses (Non-Credit) PDF
105-106 Service/Maintenance Form PDF
125-018 Sexual Misconduct Complaint Form PDF
105-155 Signature for Key Authorization - Police Department PDF
105-139 Special Assignment Request for NOVA Employees Online
125-079 Student Activity Transfer of Funds Request - Revenue Fund Budget PDF
125-021 Student Grievance Forms PDF
105-018 Television Center Invoice PDF
105-062 The Northern Virginia Review Copyright Release Form PDF
105-186 Trip Log (State Vehicle Mileage Log) PDF
105-138 Unserviceability & Destruction PDF
125-008 Update Plan/Program Placement Form Online
105-176 VCCS Employment Certification and Notice of Part-time Hours PDF
105-187 Vehicle Request and Acknowledgement Form PDF
NA Virginia Credit Union Payroll Deduction Authorization PDF
125-282 Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP) A Program for Virginia High School Graduates PDF
125-034E Withdrawal Initiated by Instructor - Never Attending Student (NVRK) Online
125-031 Withdrawal Initiated by Instructor (Following Attendance by Student) PDF
105-201 XOER Designation Approval Form PDF