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Evening Administration


Evening Administration is responsible for administrative decision-making during evenings and weekends. The coordinator and staff develop, implement and oversee a comprehensive program of support services for adjunct faculty. They provide, schedule and maintain all campus computer labs and computer classrooms, maximizing the use of campus technology resources. The staff develops and implements centralized scheduling of classrooms for the campus.

Evening Administration and the Adjunct Faculty Office are located in CT-233. 

Besides a quiet area, the EA/Adjunct Faculty Office suite provides: mailboxes, a copy machine, five PC work stations, work space, a conference room for student/adjunct conferences, a telephone, refrigerator and microwave oven.

Adjunct Faculty Pay

Direct Deposit is mandatory! You must have a completed Form 105-27 Employee Direct Deposit Authorization submitted in Payroll or you will not be paid!

Since all pay is via direct deposit, you can get your paystub and your W2 form on Payline.

You must also have an up-to-date I-9 and tax form on file in Payroll. Failure to complete these forms will jeopardize your timely payment.

Retirement Benefits for Adjunct Faculty!

Did you know that adjunct faculty are eligible to participate both the 403 (b) and 457 retirement plans?

Important Tax Information

There is an exemption for federal and state employees whose total salary from a federal or state job is $15,000 or less. 

Canvas Studio Training

Adjunct Faculty Library

There is a small library devoted to teaching and learning located in the Adjunct Faculty Office, CT-232. Included in the collection is The Adjunct Professor's Guide to Success by Lyons, et al. 

You may check these books out for a few days. If you choose to take some of these books home, please sign them out in the book register located in the Evening Administration Office.

Other Useful Services and Links

  • Only Campus or College IT Staff are allowed to connect ports or servers directly to the College network. (Note: You can connect a printer to your own PC without their assistance, but you should not connect it directly to the network by yourself.) Plugging non-server workstations into existing active ports is allowed -- ex. connecting a laptop or a computer on a cart in a classroom.

  • IT Staff must be notified before any permanent or semi-permanent computer is installed on the network.

  • No one is allowed to connect an Ethernet Hub to the Network! This will cause serious problems for the quality of service required by the new phone system.

  • No Routers may be connected to the network! They can cause the entire network to crash.

  • All Servers (Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Unix) must be under the control of the Campus or College IT Manager or TSS. No other individuals or groups can install or operate a server and connect to the network. The servers, if the software is not maintained correctly, represent serious holes in our network security that can make us vulnerable to virus and other attacks. If you need to create a network server, you can work with the appropriate technical staff to make sure your requirements are met and network security is maintained.

  • Computers, routers and firewalls in server and related classes should not be connected directly to the College network.

  • All server operating system software must be kept updated with all patches and current virus protection.

  • All Servers (NT, 2000, Unix, Linux) and Domains must be accessible by NVADM/Domain Admins or at least by senior TSS server staff.

  • Only the Campus or College IT Managers may connect a Cisco 3524 or 3548 switch to the network. They must check with TSS before making any of these connections.

Any questions or assistance in implementing these rules should be directed to the Campus/College IT Staff.