Veterinary Technology Courses

Flexible Learning

When beginning their Veterinary Technology coursework, both full-time and part-time students can take courses online, on campus or through a combination of both. All of NOVA’s Veterinary Technology lectures are offered in a Hyflex environment that allows students to choose from week to week whether to attend in person or through a Zoom livestream. Students should choose the modality that best accommodates their schedule, lifestyle and preferred learning method.

On-campus labs meet weekly. Online labs require approximately three visits each semester to the Loudoun Campus or other field trip locations in the Northern Virginia region for hands-on skills training. Students who are considering online coursework should start by taking VET-111 online to see whether this modality works for them.

Choosing On-Campus vs. Online Coursework

On-campus lectures and labs may be a better fit for students who:

  • are newer to the field of veterinary medicine.
  • learn best in a consistent, structured environment with fewer distractions.
  • desire consistent interaction with faculty who can answer questions in real time.
  • prefer to form relationships with their classmates that often lead to study groups, carpooling opportunities and a lifelong support network.

To be successful in online lectures and labs, students must have:

  • the ability to complete occasional in-person requirements (e.g., select lab dates, field trips, program events, etc.).
  • extensive veterinary assistance training and strong mentor support.
  • resources to record videos of required essential skills at their veterinary clinic under the supervision of their mentor.
    • For more information about the types of skills that will be recorded, review the Clinical Task List and Equipment List mentor reference forms, as well as each online lab description in the schedule of classes.
  • excellent self-discipline, focus and time management skills to complete course material independently.
    • Note: Students taking online courses should plan to devote at least 3–4 hours of study for each credit hour in which they are enrolled. That means to do well, a student should dedicate 9–12 hours of study each week for a 3-credit online course.
  • resourcefulness and experience advocating for themselves (to accommodate for less face-to-face time with faculty).