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Launch Your Science Career

Launch your scientific professional career with a comprehensive foundation in science education, equipping you for diverse roles and future success.


Associate Degree in Science

The curriculum is designed for individuals who are interested in a professional or scientific program and who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree with a major in one of the following fields: agriculture, biology, chemistry, pre-dentistry, forestry, geology, oceanography, pharmacy, physics, physical therapy, pre-medicine, science education, or mathematics.

Two Years
Alexandria, Annandale, Loudoun, Manassas, Woodbridge, Online
Curriculum Details

Why Study Science at NOVA?

Transfer-Focused Curriculum

Nova's science program is tailored for those aiming to transfer to a four-year college or university, offering a pathway to a baccalaureate degree in diverse fields including biology, chemistry, physics, and pre-medicine.

Comprehensive General Education

The program integrates courses meeting general education requirements at universities, emphasizing analytical and data-driven analyses in math and science. Hands-on lab experiences are integral, ensuring students acquire essential lab procedures and skills for success in upper-level science courses post-transfer.

Diverse Career Paths

Completing the AS in Science sets the foundation for a BA or BS in Science, opening doors to various career paths, including becoming scientists, educators, or health professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, or dentists.

Program Details

Within the degree, students take courses that meet general education requirements at many universities. Their math and science courses focus on analytical and data-driven analyses. Hands-on lab-experiences are integral to the program. Students will learn basic lab procedures and skills to ensure they are well-prepared to thrive in upper-level science courses post-transfer.

Science Program Career Outcomes

The AS in Science leads to the BA or BS in Science. Many students major in these disciplines to be scientists, educators, or health professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, or dentists.

Credits and
Transfer Info

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for prior learning (CPL) generally refers to the process of granting college credit for learning gained in nontraditional ways, including but not limited to: certifications, AP or IB exams, military training, or life experience.


Learn more about possible transfer opportunities associated with this program of study. Students interested in transferring should contact an advisor or counselor to further discuss their plans.

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