Horticulture Technology

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Diverse Career Opportunities in Horticulture Technology

The curriculum prepares students for careers in horticulture, focusing on plants in gardens and landscapes of any scale. The AAS degree program offers two major options: a degree in Horticulture or a specialization in Landscape Design, making it ideal for those seeking employment in commercial horticulture or looking to advance their careers.


Associate Degree in Horticulture Technology

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for full-time employment within the field of commercial horticulture as well as for those presently working who seek further knowledge and advancement.

Two Years
Curriculum Details

Associate Degreee in Horticulture Technology with Landscape Design Specialization

This program is designed to prepare the student for full-time employment within the field of landscape design as well as assisting those who are presently working and who wish to further their knowledge and upgrade their skills.
Two Years
Curriculum Details

Why Horticulture Technology at NOVA?

Comprehensive Training

Students receive comprehensive training for plant-related careers across various garden and landscape sizes and types.

Multifaceted Skill Development

The program teaches students about horticulture, botany, pruning, soil and pest management, greenhouse production, landscape construction, and floral design.

Engaging Learning Methods

Students acquire knowledge from peer-reviewed literature, case studies, lectures, lab demonstrations, and field sites.

Program Details

More Information

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Horticulture Technology Program Career Outcomes

Horticulture Technology grads excel in gardens and landscapes of all scales. They gain hands-on skills in plant-related practices, landscape design, and greenhouse production, preparing them for successful careers in plant-related industries.

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Transfer Info

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for prior learning (CPL) generally refers to the process of granting college credit for learning gained in nontraditional ways, including but not limited to: certifications, AP or IB exams, military training, or life experience.


Learn more about possible transfer opportunities associated with this program of study. Students interested in transferring should contact an advisor or counselor to further discuss their plans.

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