Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Some instructors place textbooks and other materials on reserve for students to use in the library. These items are located at the library’s Circulation (Checkout) Desk. Students need their NOVA ID to check reserve items out. Most reserve items are for IN-LIBRARY USE ONLY. Some items are available for short-term lending (one, three or seven days). 

Some campus libraries list their course reserves in the library catalog. Students can search for course reserve items by following the instructions below. For more information about course reserves, please see the Course Reserves section of the Library Policies webpage.

For questions regarding course reserves, please contact your campus library by phone or email.

How to Search for Course Reserves Online

        1. Go to the Libraries homepage.
        2. On the Books & eBooks tab, under the search box, click on Advanced SearchAdvanced search
        3. On the  Search for menu, click on the button next to  Everything.  Quick search
            1. Course name
            2. Course instructor
            3. Course ID (Course code)
            4. Course department (Academic department)
            5. Course section number
            6. Campus name
            7. You may use the Any field to search by all fields in the course reserve record:
          Any field
        4. To search by individual fields in the course reserve record, click on the Any field drop-down menu.
        5. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
        6. Enter your search terms and click on the  Search link.  Search
        7. On the list of results, click on the title of an item or the  Available at the link for more information. 
      Available at