Enterprise Technology Services Team

Enterprise Technology Services Administration

  • Allen Sinner, Director and Deputy CIO
  • Shelly Ryan, Director Enterprise Operations
  • Pat Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Enterprise Application Services

  • Aaron Raffle, Director
  • Julio Mondonedo, Document Imaging and Application Manager
  • Carlo Solano, Senior Application Developer

Network Team

  • Gary Hess, Lead Network Engineer
  • Michael Cho, Network Engineer
  • Hong Do, Network Technician

Auxiliary IT Team

  • Kym Bridgers, Auxiliary IT Manager
  • Scott Shaffer, System Admin
  • John Wen, Lead Technician
  • Michael Gonza, Technician
  • Gary Garcia Nava, Technician

Security and Account Management 

  • Keith Sowell, IT Security Engineer
  • Andy Powell, Account Security Manager
  • Wayne Marple, System Account Administrator
  • Khear Sing, System Account Administrator

Server Team

  • Ejaz Abbasi, Lead Engineer
  • Ehtasham Azad, Server Engineer
  • Ariel Lopez, Server Engineer


  • Andre Evans-Ross, Chief Telecommunications Engineer
  • Tony Wiggins, Telecommunications Engineer
  • Judy Boose, Telecommunications Assistant

College Staff IT Support 

  • Tom Pyron, IT Manager, Pender Complex
  • Anil Jindal, IT Technician, Pender Complex
  • Kofi Mitchual, IT Technician, Brault 

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