Payroll Deduction

Simplify Your Donations

Your payroll contributions can reach the students and faculty faster than other forms of giving.

Payroll deductions are one of the simplest ways to donate to the NOVA Foundation. If you are a NOVA employee, you can easily participate in Payroll deduction by completing this Payroll deduction form.

If not, payroll Deductions are a straightforward way to donate whenever you receive a paycheck from your employer. A donation is distributed to the Foundation after your tax deductions, meaning you can count it as a “Gift to Charity” on your tax return at the end of the year. Ongoing Payroll Deductions make it possible to continue supporting the hard-working students and staff at NVCC without regularly pulling out your credit card or writing a check.

Check with your employer to see if you can designate the NOVA Foundation for a charitable donation in your payroll system. If it is possible, contact us at or 703-323-3023 to learn more.