2023 Project Recipients

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Series

Project Owners: Sarah Sweetman and Krystal Edmead

The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Series seeks to capitalize on both the interest in and need for a deeper understanding of and appreciation for UDL at NOVA. The series will include both live (Zoom) sessions and interactive asynchronous options in each of three key areas within UDL: Accessibility, Inclusive Teaching Strategies, and Environment/Systems. Within each of these areas, the project will include information for students, faculty, and staff, highlighting an expert or group of experts in the topic from both inside NOVA and from outside institutions and organizations.

NOVA Students Measuring Their Home Atmosphere: Empowering Students With Information About Their Everyday Environment

Project Owner: Professor Andrew Lee

This STEAM project empowers students to act as citizen-scientists by collecting information about their home air quality. During Spring 2023, students will check out equipment, take readings in their homes, report anonymous data, and view other students' data. This pilot project on Alexandria Campus will serve as an optional extra credit assignment for students in courses such as General Biology and Environmental Science, thanks to the support of Environmental Science Professors Christine Bozarth (Discipline Chair) and Meredith Kintzing. At the conclusion of the program, a community-building event will celebrate participating students and allow students to learn more about air quality at home, what can be done to promote air quality and stimulate interest in science.

CHD 216: NOVA Online Redesign Using Open Educational Resources

Project Owner: Dr. Christine Schull

CHD 216 focuses on working with families, including multicultural approaches and understanding perspectives. This project will create a redesign of the NOVA online version of CHD 216 using OER materials. The project goals are to 1) Reduce structural barriers for college students by incorporating OER materials and 2) Focus on strategies for adult student teacher educators in order to help them incorporate anti-bias approaches in early childhood spaces.

Library Internship at NOVA: Professional Readiness and Career Exploration for a NOVA Student

Project Owner: Professor Annemarie Anderson, Librarian

The library internship program provides paid experiential learning for a NOVA student who is interested in a library career. Working with NOVA librarians and library staff, the intern will learn about the library profession and engage in library activities and projects. The paid internship provides a more equitable opportunity for the student to gain professional readiness skills and the gateway experience needed to enter the field and supports diversifying the library profession.

Facilitated Online Workshop - Applying PLOMS to Course Revision or Redesign

Project Owner(s): Maureen Madden, Dr. Shaoyu Chi, and Rong Zhu

This multi-week online workshop encourages faculty to apply the design elements of PLOMS (Presentation, Language, Options, Measurement, and Support) while highlighting fundamentals of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and Accessibility. This free workshop will be offered Summer and Fall 2023 semesters and open to all NOVA faculty, on-campus or online, full-time or part-time. Enrollment will be limited.

Leveling Career Access

Project Owner(s): Dana Fallon and Brent Via

"Business Engagement and Career Services will develop resources and messaging for under-served or distinct student populations that highlight and support their unique considerations related to career development. Often certain populations face different challenges related to their search for employment or access to professional networks. These groups often lack the personal connections to workplaces and do not directly seek out assistance from career centers, faculty, or advisors. In this project, student interns will be hired to capitalize on their current and relevant experiences and connections to their peers. Interns will be tasked with helping Career Counselors identify special needs of these student populations and particular challenges they face regarding career development and employment opportunities.

From DEI on the Inside to Thriving Together

Project Owner(s): Dr. Cheri Lemieux Spiegel and Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

This project contains professional development for NOVA faculty, NOVA staff, and NOVA students in bringing a mindful, non-violent perspective to their personal and professional experiences. The project engages in this work via the offering of workshops, facilitated small group discussions, and other opportunities to gather, both in-person and online, with the express interest in engaging in activities that make active, intentional progress toward building a mindful, inclusive community culture. The project is an extension of the Annandale Campus Center for Contemplative Practice.

You Belong Here

Project Owner(s): Dr. Catalina Novac, Jim Carlisle (Student), Kyla Gomes (Student), and Marmawite Debas (Student)

This project is a collaboration between NOVA staff and NOVA's Online Student Government Association. “You Belong Here” includes a Peer Mentor Program, weekly sessions, and monthly Town Hall activities with guests from NOVA and the community to teach students about: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Life After College, Financial Literacy, Well-being, Career paths, Transfers, Business & Industry, and other resource tools (i.e. LinkedIn). The program creates a Peer Advisor Leader (PAL) program to support NOVA students with college resources in a safe virtual space, where students can express their concerns and become aware of the resources available to them.