Deciding what courses to take can be confusing. To help you choose the best options, we developed pathways to some of the most popular programs at our top transfer institutions. These pathways have been created in partnership with the universities listed.

Please note: The following information is provided as guidance only. We do everything possible to prevent errors in this tool, however, academic requirements at four-year institutions are subject to change. It is always important to speak with a counselor or advisor each semester prior to finalizing your schedule. You should also consult directly with representatives from the four-year institution you hope to attend.

To use this tool, click on the first drop down menu to select a transfer institution. Then click on the second drop down menu to select a program at that institution. The result will let you know which NOVA degree to pursue and will provide advice on courses to pick for registration.

Don’t see your degree or transfer school? We continue to update this feature. In the meantime, talk to an advisor about your options.


Find more information on transferring here.