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NOVA’s STEM program Equips Students for In-Demand Technology Careers and Expands Regional Capacity for STEM Talent

We do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through a combination of programs that promote STEM engagement through K-12 outreach, prepare college students with wraparound and support services for STEM programs, and propose grants to further develop programs to research and expand our STEM talent in Northern Virginia.

The overabundance of jobs in technology fields (such as engineering technology, cybersecurity, data center operations, and more) means more jobs are available than talent. Our mission is to build regional capacity for STEM talent by equipping students for in-demand technology careers. NOVA is a hub of technology programs, with resources that include our state-of-the-art Fab Lab, which prepares students with cutting-edge certifications and degrees for a high-demand, high-wage career.

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NOVA Fab Lab

The NOVA Fab Lab is located at NOVA’s Manassas Trailside (MTS) campus, providing hands-on support to NOVA’s Engineering Technology degree and hands-on STEM opportunities for college students, staff, and community members. A world-class maker and education facility, the NOVA Fab Lab’s mission is to provide students a more holistic fabrication experience, including access to the most advanced fabrication processes, training in 3D Modeling and Design, and a foundation in the principles of Design Thinking and creative problem-solving to decrease the growing skills gap in the area of Digital Fabrication.

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STEM Grants

NOVA SySTEMic has implemented a strategy to develop and submit grant proposals to stabilize, grow, and sustain the resources required to support our mission and innovation. Our strategy aligns with NOVA’s Strategic Plan: Pathway to the American Dream.

Pathway to the American Dream

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