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Honors Program

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The Honors Program provides you with an enriched program of study.

Qualified, highly motivated students may enrich their study through participation in NOVA’s Honors Program or by enrolling in individual Honors courses. Honors Lead Faculty and Honors counselors are available at each campus to help students decide if the Honors Program or specific Honors courses will help focus their academic goals. Student Services Center staff, counselors, and advising specialists also can provide students with further information.

The Honors Program provides a comprehensive, educational experience for Honors students and allows them to interact as a community of learners. The Honors Program is designed to provide motivated students with an enriched program of study that includes, but is not limited, to:

  • academic scholarships
  • presenting at Honors symposia and conferences
  • field trips
  • campus and community service projects
  • internships
  • leadership opportunities
  • campus and College-wide honors events
  • exemplary guest speakers
  • letters of recommendation
  • Campus Honors Club
  • special transfer opportunities to selective institutions

Why NOVA Honors?

There are many benefits for completing the Honors Program at NOVA. For some, it is a self-guided exploration of new material facilitated by an experienced guide. For others, the appeal lies in the small class size and seminar-style discussions. The out-of-class enrichment experiences offer a distinctive bonus that all can enjoy.

Benefits Include:

  • smaller classes with stimulating professors and peers
  • student-led discussions in seminar-style classrooms
  • multi-disciplinary approaches
  • college-wide events and enrichment opportunities
  • local, state, regional and national participation in Honors conferences
  • competitive edge applying to four-year institutions
  • 4-year Honors transfer memoranda of understanding
  • Honors course and Core Completion designation on your transcript
  • Honors Certificate of Completion for Successful Core Completion
  • recognition at commencement
  • potential letters of recommendation from Honors faculty

Schedule of Classes

Fall 2020 Spring 2021

Summer Honors classes are not offered at this time.

Eligibility for the Honors Program

Students who meet at least one of the criteria listed above must request an interview with a campus Honors Lead Faculty to be considered for admittance into the Honors Program. Depending upon other factors, students may be required to have successfully completed at least 3 credits of Honors courses in order to be admitted to the Program.

  1. To be eligible for the Honors Interdisciplinary Experience requirement, students must have completed a minimum of 3–6 semester hours in Honors courses.
  2. Elective credits may come from any discipline offering an Honors course.
  3. At least 9 credits of full Honors courses must be applied toward the total Honors Core Curriculum credits. Other courses may be Honors option or full Honors courses.
  4. NOVA Online Honors courses will be considered on a case by case basis (contact a campus Honors Lead Faculty member for more guidance).

Get More Out of Your NOVA Education

The NOVA Honors Program offers you an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities, conduct research, stimulate your mind with rigorous courses, study an interesting subject in great depth and explore ideas across disciplines. It is a chance to think independently and critically, participate actively in discussion and learn in collaboration with fellow Honors students.

Is NOVA Honors Right for Me?

Contact an honors representative today!