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Campus Registrar Services

  • Alexandria campus

Enrollment Services

The Campus Registrar's Office is at each NOVA Campus to assist students, faculty, and staff in maintaining accurate and timely processing of transactions related to student record integrity.

In addition, the staff observes and applies academic policies, procedures, and administrative functions to ensure student enrollment services comply with institutional, accreditation, and other regulatory standards and requirements.

  • Domicile Appeals

    Your domicile is used to determine your tuition rate. Appeal your out-of-state classification. Please allow 10 business days for review and processing if all documents are received. Go to our Appeals page .

  • Enrollment Verification

    Provides confirmation of your academic enrollment status. Students can submit the Enrollment Verification Request Form 125-094 to the Campus Student Service Center via email: (Allow 5 to 10 business days for processing.)

    Northern Virginia Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to also handle verification requests. Verify your current enrollment, degrees or professional certifications earned, and/or past attendance.

  • Loan Deferment Request

    Students can submit the Lender Deferment Form to any campus registrar's office.

    • Complete all required sections of your loan provider's form for borrower or student.
    • Submit the loan deferment form by mail or in person.
    • Emailed or faxed submissions are not available for loan deferments as the original form with your signature is required.
    • Complete and submit the verification form 125-094 with your lender form.
  • Academic Renewal Petition

    Students who return to the College after five years (15 terms) or more without taking NOVA courses for credit may petition for academic renewal. The request must be in writing and submitted to a campus Student Services center. See form 125-039 .

Enrollment Services Request Form

Students studying

Use form 125-406 to submit documentation to address service indicators that prevent registration, out-of-state domicile, and other admission-related services to the Campus Registrar's Office.

Other Student Resources

Woodbridge campus buildings

  • Investigators Request

    FERPA regulation requires institutions to provide information to officials with legitimate educational interest. All students' educational record requests from investigators (Federal, State, or Local) are handled by the Campus Registrar Office. Review and processing time will start within 48 hours after all documents are received.

  • Voter Registration

    Northern Virginia Community College encourages all eligible students to register to vote. Voter registration materials can be obtained at campus counseling offices and student services centers.