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Your NOVACard is your official Northern Virginia Community College Identification Card.

NOVACard is FREE and provides our students, faculty and staff with benefits and services such as:

  • FASTPrint
  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Checking Out Books From a NOVA Library
  • Purchasing From Select Beverage Machines
  • Purchasing From Cafés
  • Purchasing From Campus Restaurants
  • Access and Parking

We recommend that you carry your NOVACard with you at all times on campus. It provides various building and garage access privileges, copy and print services at all NOVA libraries, faculty printing at the Alexandria Campus and discounts to select vendors located on and off campus.

When you have money on your NOVACard you don't need to worry about carrying around cash. 

Benefits and Services

  • Use it at campus libraries to check out books.
  • Use it as ID in the bookstore to verify financial aid eligibility.
  • Print, copy or scan in the libraries, labs and other FASTPrint locations.
  • Get discount copies using designated copiers in campus libraries.
  • Use it for Medical Education bookstore purchases.
  • Make beverage and snack purchases at select Coca-Cola machines on all six campuses (look for the NOVACard signs).
  • Use it for Café purchases at select campus locations.

Building and Garage Access

  • Access the parking garages at the Annandale Campus and Medical Education Campus in Springfield (with a valid parking permit).
  • Access the building at the Reston Center.
  • Access the Alexandria and Annandale Campus Fitness Centers.
  • Faculty and Staff can use it to access the Loudoun Campus.

NOVACARD Online Services

Click here to access NOVACARD's online deposit system (GET), where you can:

  • Add funds to your NOVACARD using a major credit card.
  • Request for funds from your parents, friends or family.
  • Parents, friends and family can use the system to deposit funds into your NOVACARD
  • Report your NOVACARD lost.
  • Upload a photo to be used on your NOVACARD.
  • Find locations where your NOVACARD is accepted.

Click here and sign up!

GET app icon Download the app to use on your mobile device: Google Play | Apple Store

Student Advantage

NOVACard Promotions – Student Advantage

Save for one year for only $20. Sign up with your NOVACard and start shopping today. Click here for more information.


Student Advantage, the nation’s leading discount program membership, will give you excellent discounts on a nationwide selection of online and store brands like Foot Locker, T-Mobile, AMC, Target online, and many more.

Use Student Advantage a couple of times and it will pay for itself!

  • Student Advantage for 1 year is $20
  • Student Advantage for 2 years is $30
  • Student Advantage for 3 years is $40

Join Student Advantage Today!

Click here for Student Advantage New Local Merchants (PPT)

If you have any questions about the Student Advantage program, contact campus NOVACard staff who can provide general information on membership or Student Advantage directly at info@studentadvantage.com or 1.800.333.2920.

Refer to the Student Advantage Cardholders FAQ page for more information including stolen or lost cards, refunds, expiration and more.

If any of your favorite stores are missing let us know. Student Advantage will reach out to new merchants to see if they will participate in the program. Send an email to novacard@nvcc.edu.

Vendors! Interested in working with NOVA to promote discount services? Click here to fill out our online application.


FASTPrint is NOVA’s Student Copy and Print Service that provides students the ability to print, copy and scan documents to USB. Students may pay with their NOVACARD or a NOVA Guest Card and pick up their printed documents from any FASTPrint device on any campus.

All current NOVACARD holders are currently associated with FASTPrint and can start using the service right away. Those who receive a new NOVACARD will need to wait 24 hours to use the service or can manually associate their new NOVACARD. To associate your new NOVACARD to FASTPrint and create your FASTPrint account you will need to do the following:

  1. To easily check whether your NOVACARD is associated to any FastPrint device, you may swipe your card first (picture facing you, upside down). If the pop-up window shows that the card is not known in the system it will ask you to associate it. Click Next, type in your myNOVA username and password (case-sensitive), and press Associate.
  2. Congratulations, you’re all done! Now you only have to swipe your card to retrieve your documents.

For Printing

All users can send and retrieve print jobs at any NOVA campus by printing from a campus workstation. Other FASTPrint methods for printing include document upload through the print2fastprint.nvcc.edu website, uploading a document through the mobile application or direct printing from a workstation. Email to Print is not available at this time.

How do I print using FASTPrint (after successfully associating your card)

  • Log in to the workstation with your myNOVA username and password.
  • Open your document. If printing directly from Chrome, save the document first.
  • Select File, then Print and choose either fastprint_bw for a black/white print or fastprint_color for a color print.
  • Choose the print option.
  • You may now retrieve your print job at any FastPrint device by swiping your NOVACARD.
  • Either press print all to release all jobs submitted from your print queue, or select the specific job you wish to print.
  • Retrieve your print job and log out of the printer.

How do I copy using FASTPrint?

  • Swipe your NOVACARD and select 'use device functions'.
  • Press the copy button on the left hand side.
  • Place your document face up in the feeder or face down on the copying glass.
  • Select your desired features. On most larger machines, select programs for textbook copying.
  • Press the start button when it turns blue.
  • Retrieve your document(s) from below and log out of the device.

How do I scan to USB using FASTPrint?

  • Swipe your card and select 'use device functions'.
  • Press the scanner button on the left hand side.
  • Insert your USB drive into the USB port on the side of the control panel.
  • Put your document on the glass or feeder.
  • On the larger device, press 'store file' and then 'store to memory device' and press blue start button.
  • On the smaller device, press 'send settings' then use the arrows to scroll down to page 4 of 5 and press 'store file' and then 'store to memory device'.
  • When finished, press Exit and log out of the device.

How do I print by uploading my document to the print2fastprint.nvcc.edu website?

  • From the selected browser (works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, not guaranteed to work with other browsers), go to https://print2fastprint.nvcc.edu/cps/Login.jsp.
  • Type in your myNOVA username and password and click LOG IN.
  • Select the fastprint_bw or fastprint_color queue.
  • Either click Browse and select the document you want to print or type in the Web page you’d like to print.
  • Enter the number of copies and if you are not printing the whole document, enter page range and click Continue.
  • Select page settings, click Continue.
  • You’ll see your submitted job process and in a few seconds; when finished it will say 'Complete'.
  • Go to ANY printer in the next 12 hours to swipe and release your job.

I am a guest, can I use FASTPrint?

Guest users who are not students or faculty/staff can print using any browser (works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, not guaranteed to work with other browsers) and go to https://myfastprint.nvcc.edu and register as a guest. Create a New Account and begin using.

Guest users who are not students or faculty/staff can print using any browser (works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and go to https://myfastprint.nvcc.edu and register as a guest. Create a New Account and begin using. Fastprint guest screenshot

Can I print from my mobile device?

Yes, just download the PrintNow logo PrinterOn or Ricoh logo Ricoh app and follow the steps to set it up to print.

Go to settings/service/add service and complete the service setup. To save, press checkmark located in top right corner.

Fastprint Service Setup screenshot

Complete the User Setup – select user accounts/add account/user setup/Save.

Fastprint user setup window screenshot

Set up the printers. On the main screen at the bottom press “No Printers Selected. Search “Northern Virginia”. Two printers will appear: “Northern Virginia Community College, Fastprint_BW and Northern Virginia Community College, Fastprint_color.

Press Help iconnext to each printer and press the Save icon. You now have two printer queues, one for printing BW and one for printing Color.

Fastprunt printer setup screenshot

Where can I pick up my print job?

You can pick up your print job at any FASTPrint machine on any Northern Virginia Community College campus.

Where is FASTPrint located?

FASTPrint stations are located on all Northern Virginia Community College campuses.