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NOVACard is the official identification card of Northern Virginia Community College. All NOVA students are encouraged to get a free NOVACard in order to access many benefits and services.


Use Your NOVACard to Pay for a Parking Permit

Starting Fall 2021, NOVACard will be an accepted payment method for Parking Services! NOVACard will be accepted at any Campus Parking/NOVACard Office to pay for a permit, citation, or lost card. As you may know, you can already use your card at campus vending machines, bookstores, printers, cafes, and GrubHub.

Get Your NOVACard

Get a physical NOVACard printed or download the app to use your digital NOVACard (or GET Mobile ID). First stop by your nearest NOVACard office to get your account activated and learn more!

Student NOVA ID card
Faculty Staff NOVA ID card

Add Cash

ACE$ is your NOVACard Cash Account. The card works like a prepaid debit card that can be used at participating merchants.

Print, Copy, & Scan with ACEPrint

Print, copy or scan documents in libraries, labs and other ACEPrint locations.