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How much does a NOVACard cost?
NOVACard is FREE to all NOVA students, faculty and staff. There is only a fee if your NOVACard is lost or stolen.

Where can I get my NOVACard?
You can get a NOVACard from any NOVACard office on any NOVA campus. You can upload your own photo before going to a NOVACard office for quicker service. To upload your photo go to NOVACard's online services GET and register and upload your photo.

How do I add money to my NOVACard?
There are several ways to add funds to your NOVACard:

  • At any deposit machine on any NOVA campus.
  • At any NOVACard office on any campus.
  • Using NOVACard's online service, GET or use online services mobile app GET.

How can I manage my ACE$ Account?
You can manage your account using NOVACard's online service GET. See deposits and purchases and add funds. Go to get.cbord.com/nvcc/full/login.php or download the GET app on your mobile device and sign up.

Does my NOVACard expire?
Your NOVACard expires once you are no longer a registered student at NOVA and the date of the card is still valid. After the expiration, a new card can be issued as long as you are still a registered student at NOVA.

Faculty and staff NOVACards do not expire as long as you are currently employed at NOVA.