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Military Activation Policy

Military Students Called to Active Duty

If you are a military student and are called to active duty during a term and cannot complete your studies, please see the relevant NOVA policy information below.

Policy (Policy on Refunds, Credits and Reinstatement as a Result of Military Service)

NOVA will provide tuition relief, refund and reinstatement of students whose service in the uniformed services has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from their enrollment.

Should a student be called to active duty and requests to be withdrawn from NOVA after the last day to drop classes with tuition refund, they will be awarded a full refund of tuition and fees.

Students may also choose to be administratively withdrawn with no refund and assigned a grade of "W". In this case, the student’s refund will be retained and be applied to future tuition and fees when he/she returns to resume their studies at NOVA.

A signed, written withdrawal request must be substantiated with copies of military orders signed by the commanding officer or another appropriate official to show proof of date of activation, enlistment, or deployment.