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Clinical Simulation Center

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The mission of the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) is to provide all the students in the nursing and health science programs with simulated clinical experience. Students are given the opportunity to experience clinical situations that may or may not be experienced during a clinical rotation. One of the benefits of incorporating simulated experiences is that it allows students to hone many of the skills required in practice prior to actually coming in contact with live patients. In addition, these experiences are consistent and reproducible, which allows ALL students the same practice and exposure. 

In order to use the CSC, you must reserve time on the calendar. The calendar is updated regularly to help you determine when the Center is available. To view the calendar click on the CSC Calendar link on the left. Click on the CSC Request Form link on the left to reserve the Center.

SIM Center Policies

  1. All simulation use must be scheduled through the coordinator and all correspondence must be via CSC request email.
  2. Requests to use the CSC MUST be made a minimum of two weeks in advance. The request must be specific and cannot be done to "hold" a time slot.
  3. Instructors MUST choose their own scenario via the SIM STORE or may develop their own scenario prior to the meeting with the simulation coordinator.
  4. A faculty member must have either met with, or corresponded through email with the coordinator to review the desired scenario - i.e. obj., settings, equipment, etc. at least one week (seven days) prior to the requested date.
  5. If no meeting/correspondence occurs, your time slot will be given away.
  6. Instructors/faculty must notify and/or review with their students the desired scenario prior to coming to the simulation center - i.e. students roles 1. Charge, 2. Primary RN, 3. Observer, etc.
  7. If the lab instructor or faculty member and/or students are not prepared to start their session within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the session will be canceled and the faculty member will have to reschedule.
  8. All students and faculty who use the CSC must sign a confidentiality statement. This is a one-time requirement.
  9. A lab instructor or faculty member must be present with students during their entire simulation experience.
  10. Only qualified personnel may operate the patient simulators.
  11. No one is to use the simulators unless one of the CSC personnel are present.
  12. All tours that want to come to CSC must notify the coordinator at least two days prior to their arrival.
  13. Visitors must be accompanied by one of the CSC personnel at all times.
  14. Only paper tape can be used on the simulator.
  15. Absolutely NO INK PENS/MARKERS are allowed near the patient simulators.
  16. Only small gauge needles or IV catheters may be used on the patient simulators.
  17. Patient simulators are to remain covered, at least to the waist, when not in use.
  18. Upon completion of the simulation scenario all students and faculty must put back the simulation center equipment as it was when they entered the room(s).
  19. Patient simulators must be treated with respect.
  20. Patient safety must be observed at all times.
  21. Professional communication and behavior are expected at all times while in the CSC.
  22. Faculty/instructors that have three strikes against them for failure to adhere to the rules and policies, as stated above, will no longer be allowed to use the simulation center for the remainder of that semester. No exceptions!