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The HR Department is located at 3926 Pender Drive, Suite 150, Fairfax, VA 22030.

AskHR@nvcc.edu is no longer an active email address. All departmental email inquiries should be sent to the individual you are trying to reach or the appropriate group email address from the list below:



Reception: 703.323.3110
Fax: 703.323.3155

Human Resources Administration
HR Administration


Services Provided


Charlotte Calobrisi

AVP, HR, Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Strategic Planning, Budget Oversight, Workforce Planning & Organization, Project Management & Interface with Senior NOVA Leaders.


Donna Smiley

HR Director

Strategic Planning, HR Services, Restructuring, Operations and Project Management


Human Resources Administrative Team
Human Resources Administrative Team


Services Provided


Tahmima Choudhury

Compliance, Budget, and Special Project Manager, Notary Public

Budget, Compliance, Special Projects, Records Management, Inventory, HR Asset Protection and HR Communication


Sarah Masood

HR Assistant - Records Management

Administrative Support, Employment Verifications, Pender II Room Reservations, and Records Management.


BM Nur

HR Assistant - Records Management

Records Management


Employee Relations

The Employee Relations team provides confidential assistance to college employees, supervisors, and faculty to help resolve work-related problems. The team will share the duties to provide assistance to all campuses and units such as assist with all employee performance related matters, to include complaints, concerns, performance management, and grievances. Related questions or concerns should be sent directly to this team. The Employee Relations team can be contacted at employeerelations@nvcc.edu or by calling 703.323.3110 option 4.


Services Provided


Carolyn Mitchell

Employee Relations Specialist

Responsible for Faculty, Adjunct, Classified and Hourly Staff 703.323.3207

Elizabeth Gallop

Employee Relations Specialist

Responsible for Faculty, Adjunct, Classified and Hourly Staff


The Human Resources Employment Team is made up Recruitment, Compensation, and Credentialing. The team provides advice and guidance to supervisors and employees on all employment actions, recruitment and on-boarding, compensation, and workforce planning matters. They assist managers with completing EWPs, determine position classification and faculty rank, regulate salaries and hiring ranges, and administer the hiring, multi-year appointment, and faculty promotion processes. For general questions, e-mail employment@nvcc.edu or credentialing@nvcc.edu.

Employment Team


Services Provided

Office Location and Phone


Associate Director, Employment. Oversight of Recruitment and Compensation.

Kathy Naidamast

Recruitment and on-boarding for: Provost Annandale, VP Institutional Advancement, and VP Institutional Effectiveness

703.293.8108 (P2)
703.503.6340 (AN)

Michelle Marks

Recruitment and on-boarding for:  Provost Alexandria, VP Workforce Development

703.764.5005 (P2)
703.933.8085 (AL)

Josefina Hernandez

Recruitment and on-boarding for: Provost Woodbridge, Provost Loudoun, VP Administration & Finance

703.323.7783 (P2)
703.948.2797 (LO)
703.878.6143 (WO)

Toyin Lakanu

Recruitment and on-boarding for: VP Information Technology, Provost Information and Engineering Technologies, and Provost Medical Education Campus

703.425.5695 (P2)

Brandon Pickens

Recruitment and on-boarding for: Provost Manassas, Executive Vice President, and President

Compensation, Classification, and Credentialing

Shiwanda Key

Compensation and Classification for: Provost Alexandria, Provost Manassas, Provost Loudoun, VP Administration and Finance, VP Workforce Development, VP Institutional Advancement, Provost Information and Engineering Technologies 703.323.8102 (P2)

Angelee Mehta

Compensation and Classification for: Provost Annandale, Provost Woodbridge, Provost Medical Education Campus, VP Information Technology, VP Institutional Effectiveness, EVP, President

703.503.6329 (P2)

Jamie Ellis

All faculty credentialing, compensation, and classification including: salary offers, temporary/acting pay, reallocations, requests for overload and reassigned time, promotions and multi-year appointments. 703.323.3788 (P2)

The Benefits team is available to assist with and address any benefits-related concerns. Questions regarding group benefits such as health and flexible spending plans; short and long term disability; family and medical leave (FML); worker’s compensation; mandatory and voluntary retirement plans; group life insurance and COBRA should be sent directly to this team. The Benefits team can be reached at benefits@nvcc.edu or by calling 703.323.3110.


Services Provided


Janice Cottingham

Benefits Manager

All Benefit Programs, Retirement, Tax Deferred Annuities (403-b/457), National Medical Support Orders, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and Purchase of Prior Service


Sonia Aboulhosn

Benefits Analyst II

VSDP, FML, Leave Share Program, Health & Flex Benefits, VRS/Health Reconciliations, and Worker’s Compensation  


Angel Mori

Benefits Analyst

VSDP, FML, Leave Share Program, Health & Flex Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, and VRS/Health Reconciliations


Michael Gadway

HR Assistant - Benefits

COBRA, Optional Group Life Insurance, and Benefits Administrative Support 703.425.5982
Data Operations

The HR Data Operations (data, analytics, time and leave) team processes employee life cycle transactions for all employees (from hire to retire). They process transactions within and conduct analysis of information in HRMS, PMIS, SilkRoad, Smarter Track and ImageNow. In addition, this team handles time and leave inquiries, audits and adjustments. Team members can be reached  at dataops@nvcc.edu, or by calling 703.323.3110.


Services Provided


Maria Notorfrancesco

Senior HRIS Analyst

HRIS Issues, employee data transactions, time and leave: LO, AL


Scott Jenquine

HRIS Analyst

HRIS Issues, employee data transactions, time and leave: AN, MEC, and Institutional Effectiveness


Carly Sutherland

HRIS Analyst

HRIS Issues, employee data transactions, time and leave: WO, Workforce Development, and VP Admin/Finance


India Price

HRIS Analyst

HRIS Issues, employee data transactions, time and leave: MA, IT/ELI, EVP and President’s Office 703.503.6220
Organizational Learning and Development

The Organizational Learning & Development (OL&D) team promotes the college’s commitment to continuous learning and excellence by providing and encouraging access to a wide range of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. As the new HR structure continues to evolve, the OL&D team will visit the campuses to provide training on our new processes. The OL&D team can be contacted at hrlearn@nvcc.edu or by calling 703.323.3110.


Services Provided


Trace Main

Associate Director of Organizational Learning and Development

Managers - Professional Development Funding, Educational Assistance, Workshops, Training, NOVA Academy


Chanee Singkarlvanich

Organizational Leaning and Development Specialist

NOVA Academy, Educational Assistance, Workshops and Training