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FAQ - Dual Enrollment

What if I have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at my high school?
High school juniors and seniors with special needs or disabilities may participate if they earn qualifying scores on the placement tests, and are able to participate and achieve in class without modification of course work. For more information regarding students with disabilities visit Accommodations and Accessibility Services.

Is financial aid available for dual enrollment students?
No. According to federal guidelines, dual-enrolled students are not eligible for financial aid administered by the College. However, poor performance in dual-enrolled classes may impact future financial aid eligibility. Students may apply for financial aid once they have graduated from high school.

Can I transfer my credits to a four-year college or university?
Dual enrolled courses can often be included when student transfers to a senior institution using NOVA’s Guaranteed Admission Agreements. However, some courses are not designed to transfer. Colleges and universities have specific policies regarding acceptance of transfer credits. Students should contact the college or university you are considering to discuss the transferability of dual enrollment courses, or talk with a counselor at NOVA for more information.

Who can access my dual enrollment course grades and other records?

You, as a NOVA student, have a right to review your NOVA grades and other records.  Your high school or home school program may share grades and other records with NOVA, and NOVA will share your post-secondary (college) grades with your high school.  The grades you earn at NOVA are part of a permanent transcript, and you will be required to include your NOVA transcript as part of any future college or graduate school application.  For dual enrolled students under 18, parents may generally access records and grades which are created by or shared with a student’s high school.

For more detailed explanation of privacy rights and access to student records, please review the following links:

To grant your parents direct access to NOVA records, students will be required to submit a notarized copy of NOVA Form 125-356, found here: