System Counsel

About the Office of System Counsel

Northern Virginia Community College is one of 23 community colleges within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Pursuant to Section 2.2-507 of the Code of Virginia, the Attorney General of Virginia performs all civil legal services for the agencies, officers, and employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the VCCS. The Attorney General of Virginia has appointed the attorneys of the Office of System Counsel to serve the State Board for Community Colleges, System Office, Shared Services Center, and each community college.

The Office of System Counsel cannot provide legal advice or representation to employees on personal legal matters and the Office does not provide legal services to students. Employees and students should consult with a private attorney for personal legal matters.

*This website and accompanying materials have been prepared by the Office of System Counsel for informational purposes only, and may not be construed as "Legal Advice" from the Office of System Counsel.