A Heavy Metal Band’s Softer Side: Helping NOVA Students! 

August 10, 2023

At schools like NOVA, the band Metallica has the appreciation of students…for more than just their music. Many enjoy the band’s songs, but others are grateful for the band's financial support and assistance.


This is the fifth year that the band's foundation, All Within My Hands, has offered community college students a hand-up by awarding scholarships for workforce education at a growing number of community colleges across the nation. And it is the third year that this workforce scholarship program has benefitted Nighthawks who aim to learn skills desperately needed in today's workforce.

In 2021, NOVA's first year in the program, the College focused on supporting non-native English-speaking healthcare students. This year's $25,000 scholarship from the band's foundation will support students interested in pursuing critical IT and healthcare careers.       

NOVA student Allison Aliaga is grateful to be a recipient of the Metallica scholarship. Her lifelong dream is to help people as part of a medical team and ultimately to become a doctor. The Metallica All Within My Hands Foundation has played a crucial role in helping Allison take that first step toward achieving her dream, and she is immensely thankful for the support.

New courses available through NOVA Workforce—ESL Support for Nurse Aides and Nurse Aide Preparation (CNA)—combine nurse aide training with English language support. Students will learn important medical terminology, grammar and pronunciation and are guaranteed at least one interview with one of the region’s employers.

Courses are funded by both state and private grants and scholarships like the Metallica All Within My Hands Foundation scholarship. They will be FREE if students qualify! For students interested, please complete this interest form. You will be contacted with more information on how to register for this program. For more information on this course, visit: https://bit.ly/NOVAWorkforce-nursing-classes

Read more about Allison Aliaga’s exciting journey in her own words.

How did you hear about the Metallica Scholarship?
I heard about the Metallica Scholars Initiative when I was applying for my CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) course at NOVA. A Student Retention Coordinator told me about it and explained the course to me.

I would like to say thank you to Metallica and the All Within My Hands Foundation for the opportunity and everything you did for me and for others like me!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background:
My childhood dream has always been to be a part of a healthcare team and ultimately to become a doctor. But you have to start with that first step. I plan to take more healthcare classes as I work toward becoming a nurse. We need more people in healthcare. It’s crucial to keep saving lives and making progress for the future. This is the reason for my strong desire to become a doctor.

Becoming a nurse would be incredibly amazing! It’s so hard. But now that I have gotten a taste of what it’s like, I know I can do it! I just finished my CNA course at NOVA, and I’m waiting to take my state exam.

Where do you see yourself after NOVA?
You know, I used to work at restaurants years ago, and now I’m working in the retail industry. Thanks to Metallica, I see my dream taking shape. I am determined to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor. After NOVA, I plan on attending George Mason University.

Click here to learn more about the Metallica All Within Your Hands Scholarship.

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