Meet the Grads: Jim Carlisle, Overcomes So Much So He Can Help Others

May 9, 2023

In kicking off NOVA’s annual “Meet the Grads” series, NOVA is spotlighting, Jim Carlisle for a video chronicling his achievements. After serving in the military from the ages of 18 to 37, he pursued jobs in logistics management, moved across the country and now is laser focused on continuing his education—to help others by opening a mental wellness center.

Jim Carlisle

“Throughout different periods of time, I worked through my mental health in dealing with my own struggles,” Carlisle said. “In doing so, I then realized I wanted to help others. I wanted to share with people how I overcame a lot of adversity. This has allowed me to pursue studying psychology with the goal of opening a mental wellness center. I want to create a place to help others overcome adversity.”

Carlisle recently won a Posse Scholarship, which will cover tuition to a school of his choice. After walking the stage at Sunday’s commencement, he plans to attend the University of Virginia to earn his bachelor’s and then a master’s in psychology.

Hear more about his incredible journey from him!

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