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College Staff Forum Council

2018-2019 College Staff Forum Council Membership and Minutes

College Staff Forum Council Members
Abbreviations: CS—Classified Staff/PF—Professional Faculty/AF—Administrative Faculty
Name Title Term
Kristy Balbuena (PF), Chair, College Senate Rep Counselor, Pathway to the Baccalaureate 2019-2021
Linda Barthelus (CS) Director, College Call Center 2020-2022
Michael Blackwell (CS), College Senate Rep Director, Parking and NOVACard Services 2020-2022
Jason Burton (CS) Manager, Parking and NOVACard Services (AN and MEC) 2019-2021
Alex Case (AF) Associate Director of Instructional Design & Development 2019-2021
Alex Coppelman (PF) Counselor, Pathway to the Baccalaureate 2020-2021*
Joan Ehrlich (AF), College Senate Rep Director, Disability Support Services 2020-2022
Nicole Evans (CS), College Senate Rep Off-Campus Military Advisor 2019-2021
Dana Fallon (CS) Career Services Manager, Workforce Development 2020-2022
Allison McElfresh (CS) Pathway Progression and Completion Analyst, Academic & Student Services 2020-2022
Julio Mondoñedo (CS) Computer Operations Manager, Information Technology Project Management 2019-2021
Dana Reilly (CS), Secretary Executive Assistant, Campus Polics 2020-2022
Wende Ruffin-Lowry (AF) Coordinator, Virtual Advising 2020-2022
Emily Southers (CS) Assistant Director, Parking and NOVACard Services 2020-2022
Amanda Wilder (PF) Counselor, Pathway to the Baccalaureate 2020-2022
Ghul Zadran (CS), College Senate Rep Assistant Manager, Financial Aid 2020-2022
Jack Zegeer (CS), Co-Chair Manager, Financial Aid 2019-2021