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Testing Procedures

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NOVA campus testing centers are not administering exams at this time as COVID-19 protocols for health and safety are observed.

  • Refer to NOVA's homepage for up to date information on campus operations.
  • See NOVA COVID-19 updates for information and announcements about COVID-19 and its impact on our NOVA community.

Course testing: Please contact your individual class instructors for information about course testing.

Placement testing: NOVA no longer requires most students to take the VPT. Students should visit the Direct Enrollment and Self-Placement site to learn more about new placement measures and to fill out a survey to determine placement. Only certain populations are required to take the VPT, such as some students using VA benefits, international students, and dual enrollment students may need to take the VPT. Students should reach out to NOVAtesting@nvcc.edu to determine if they need to take the VPT. 

The testing information below regarding placement tests and other testing resources remains on our website for use when onsite testing resumes.

Testing Center Information

All NOVA campus Testing Centers stay open for posted hours and will make every attempt to have the test you need when you need it. 

General Testing Procedures

  • Cell phones and/or outside electronic resources are strictly prohibited in the Testing Center.  Any use of an unauthorized electronic device, as well as unauthorized internet access, will be considered cheating.
  • Tests that are compromised within the testing center due to any violation of academic integrity, will be stopped and collected by a staff member. These incidents will also be reported to the College NOVACares office.
  • A government-issued, unexpired picture ID is required to take any exam in the Testing Center.
    • Examples: Driver's License, military ID, passport, personal identification card from DMV, NOVACard Photo ID or green card. Pictures or photocopies of identification are not permitted.
  • A NOVA Student ID Number is required to take any exam in the Testing Center.
    • Use myNOVA to find your Student ID number and bring this number with you to the Testing Center. Computers are available in the Campus Libraries, Student Services Centers and Open Computer Lab to look up Student ID numbers and print exam passes.
  • All placement exams must be started at least 2 hours prior to closing.
  • All other exams including NOVA Online tests and instructor referred makeup tests must be started at least 60 minutes prior to closing.
  • Allow adequate time for all exams. All exams must be completed and will be collected 15 minutes before closing.
  • Only one test will be administered at a time. Students requiring multiple tests must go to the end of the line after each test.
  • For liability and safety purposes, do not bring children to the Testing Center.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Please take care of parking before coming to the Testing Center. You must have a parking permit or pay to park.

NOTE: ESL Placement Test scores are valid for one year. English and Math Placement Test scores are valid for five years.

Testing Center Handouts

Find Your Placement Results Using NOVAConnect

NOVAConnect, the student information system, will show holds, grades, restrictions, etc.

  1. Go to www.nvcc.edu
  2. Click myNOVA.
  3. Log on to NOVAConnect by entering your username and password. (If you don’t know your login information, use the links to find it.)
  4. Under My Tools, click on VCCS SIS8.9: Student Information System.
  5. In the Menu box, click Self Service.
  6. In the Main Self Service Menu, click Transfer Credit.
  7. Click View Transfer Credit Report.
  8. To print your results, use the Print-Screen key on the keyboard.
  9. If you have any questions about your placement results, go to any Student Services Center.


For specific procedures for taking NOVA Online Tests, Instructor Referred Makeup Tests and Proctored Tests for Other Schools, click on the links below:

  • NOVA Online tests must be started no later than 60 minutes prior to closing.
  • A NOVA Online test pass is required to test.
  • Please plan ahead to ensure there is sufficient time to complete the exam. Due to the volume of online courses, there can be significant wait times to begin an exam during NOVA Online end dates and exam due dates.
  • NOVA faculty may have Instructor Referred Makeup Tests available in their campus Testing Center for those students who have missed an exam in class.
  • To avoid computer viruses, instructors must provide any portable memory devices if they are necessary for testing.
  • Instructor Referred Makeup Tests must be started no later than 60 minutes prior to closing.
  • Testing Centers only administer faculty makeup tests for courses taught on their own campus.
  • Testing Centers do not administer makeup exams once the final exam period begins.
  • As a general policy, entire classes whether onsite or hybrid, together or separately, cannot be sent to the Testing Centers to take exams.
  • During a Class Term: Individual students with accommodations or who need to make up tests may take exams in the Testing Center. Under special circumstances, such as when a program requires periodic computerized assessment and suitable classroom space is not available, the Testing Center may be able to administer a class test. Usually, this requires dividing the class and testing over a period of several days. Check with the Testing Center supervisor to see if your class test is eligible for an exception, if it can be accommodated given the resources of the Testing Center or whether other options need to be explored.
  • During Final Exam Week: Except for students with accommodations, no instructor referred onsite or hybrid testing will be done in the Testing Center in order to accommodate ELI and placement testing.
  • NOVA faculty may place exams for students with documented disabilities in a campus Testing Center.
  • Testing guidelines may vary slightly by campus. Check with your individual campus to obtain a cover sheet for makeup exams. 
Correspondence Testing Guidelines

Northern Virginia Community College may proctor correspondence exams for schools within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Schools outside the state of Virginia may have exams proctored for a fee through the NOVA Workforce Professional Test Center, 703.878.6149.

Guidelines for Students to Follow:

If you are interested in having a NOVA Testing Center proctor an exam for you, please follow the steps below:

  • First, contact the Testing Center of your choice for test authorization with your (SIS) Student ID number. Tests that have not been preapproved will be returned to the school.
  • Contact the center to make sure your correspondence test has arrived before coming to campus.
  • Bring a current photo ID (driver's license, school ID, passport, etc.) to the Testing Center.
  • Arrive at least 60 minutes before closing to start the test and remember that all tests are collected 15 minutes before closing. Please check the individual campus website for current hours.
  • If appropriate, bring stamps and envelopes to mail the completed test to the instructor.
  • Contact the Testing Center for specific policies regarding testing. Some do not allow breaks, etc. Children are not allowed in all Testing Centers.

Guidelines for Faculty to Follow:

  • Testing Centers do not accept exams by Fax.
  • Some campuses may accept exams by email attachments if they are no longer than five pages with no diagrams.
  • Some campuses do not administer tests that allow open book and notes.
  • Tests for other VCCS institutions will only be administered Monday through Friday.
  • Exams are held for the current semester; however, no exams will be given once NOVA's final exam period begins. If the student has failed to take the test prior to the cut-off date, the exams will be discarded.

All tests being proctored by the Testing Center must include:

  • An email or cover sheet from the instructor with the following information for administering the test:
    • The instructor's name and contact information (name & address of school, email address and phone numbers).
    • Student's name, student VCCS ID number and contact information.
  • If the test is a hard copy test:
    • One time limit (e.g., 1 hour to complete), if desired; we do not do multiple timings. Not all campuses accommodate timed tests.
    • Directions for returning completed exam to instructor.
  • If the test is an online (Canvas) test*:
    • Directions to find the link to the exam, the exam number and password.
    • Contact information in case the test needs to be reset (computer or power failure, etc.).
    • *The NOVA Testing Centers use a program that does not allow students to connect to other Internet sites except Canvas; therefore, any exam that requires other Internet sites or programs cannot be administered.

Contact your local Campus Testing Center to see what services are available to you.