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Testing Procedures

  • Students sits on floor using laptop
  • Instructor lectures class
  • Student reading textbook
  • Student pays attention to lecture

General Testing Procedures

  • A government-issued, unexpired picture ID is required to take an exam in the Testing Center.
    • Examples: Driver's License, Military ID, passport, personal identification card from DMV, or permanent resident card (green card). A NOVACard Photo ID is also acceptable. Pictures including photos on a cell phone or photocopies of identification are not permitted.
  • A NOVA Student ID Number is required to take an exam in the Testing Center.
    • Use myNOVA to find your Student ID number and bring this number with you to the Testing Center. Computers are available in the Campus Libraries, Student Services Centers, and Open Computer Labs to look up Student ID numbers.
      • Note: Students receive their student ID numbers when their applications for admission to NOVA are submitted.
  • Only one test will be administered at a time. Students requiring multiple tests must register for each exam separately.
  • For liability and safety purposes, do not bring children to the Testing Center. See NOVA Policy for Children on Campus. Also, people accompanying students who are testing are not permitted to wait in the Testing Centers.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Please take care of parking before coming to the Testing Center. You must have a parking permit or pay to park. See Parking Services.

NOTE: ESL Placement Test scores are valid for one year. English and Math Placement Test scores are valid for five years.

NOVA's Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures

NOVA Academic Integrity Policy 224
NOVA Academic Integrity Procedure 224P

  • Students should bring their cell phones to use only for required Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), but the use of cell phones and/or outside electronic resources is strictly prohibited while testing. When unauthorized use by a student of a cell phone or other communication device during testing is observed, all tests will be stopped regardless of the kind of test. The Testing Center staff will file an online Academic Integrity Violation report and notify the instructor that a report has been filed.
  • If the student is observed cheating by some other means, the test will not be stopped but the instructor will be notified and an online Academic Integrity Violation report will be filed. All evidence, whether physical (e.g. cheat sheets) or electronic (e.g. screenshots, surveillance video), will be collected and submitted with the report.
  • If a student is observed cheating during a placement test, the test will be stopped. Testing Center staff will file an online Academic Integrity Violation report.