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Report a Crime

All NOVA students, staff, faculty and guests who witness or become a victim of an emergency should call the campus police department or 911 for assistance. If you call 911, dispatchers there will notify the emergency to the concerned campus police department immediately. Emergency call boxes that connect directly to the campus police department in case of an emergency can easily be found if needed in all NOVA parking lots, classrooms and buildings. All call boxes are tested every month to ensure serviceability by the facilities department. Officers on duty will respond to any call for service immediately. However, students, staff, faculty and guests who witness or are victims of a crime on NOVA campus property are required to make a formal report in person to the officer on duty at the campus police office.

NOVA Police: 703.764.5000

Anyone may report a crime or suspicious activity to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When an incident is reported to a campus police officer it is thoroughly investigated first and all important information is documented. Appropriate actions will be taken such as warning, arrest or warrant issued for subject arrest.