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FAQ: Police

What do I do if I am stopped by a police officer?

  • A police officer may stop you at any time for a traffic offense or criminal investigation.
  • When you observe an officer behind you with emergency lights and/or siren activated, remain calm and safely pull over to the right side of the road or to a nearby safe location.
  • Remain in your vehicle unless the officer directs you otherwise.
  • Keep your hands in plain sight so the officer can see them.
  • Avoid any sudden movements especially towards the floorboard, rear seat or passenger side of the vehicle.
  • The officer will ask you for your identification along with other documentation.
  • Wait until the officer asks for your driver license, vehicle registration or other documents before reaching for them.
  • If the stop occurs at night, the officer will likely illuminate the inside of your vehicle with a spotlight and flashlight. This is for the officer’s safety and your own; don’t be alarmed.
  • An additional police officer may be on the scene of a traffic stop.
  • The officer may issue you a ticket. If you feel the reason is vague or unclear, ask the officer for clarification.
  • You will be asked to sign the ticket. Your signature is not an admission of guilt; it only signifies your promise to come to court or pre-pay the fine, if allowed.
  • Avoid becoming argumentative. If you desire to contest the ticket, you should do so in court.
  • You may ask for the officer for his or her unit number, and you may make a complaint if you feel you have been treated unfair or discourteously. Contact police dispatch or ask for a campus supervisor calling 703.764.5000.

Where is the Police Department located on campus?

The NOVA Police Department has six offices, one on each NOVA campus.

  • Alexandria - AA 240
  • Annandale - CA 203
  • Loudoun - LD Building
  • Manassas - MH 309
  • Medical Education - 1st floor entrance off the parking garage
  • Woodbridge - WS 102

Is there a lost and found?

Lost and found is handled by the NOVA Police Department. Visit your respective NOVA police office to see if your lost item has been turned in.

What do I do if my car won't start when I'm on campus?

The NOVA Police Department provides motorist assistance on all of NOVA’s campuses during College business hours (7 a.m. – 11 p.m.). Please contact NOVA Police Dispatch at 703.764.5000 and have the following information available:

  • Location of your vehicle
  • Make, model, color and tag information for your vehicle
  • A call-back number

How do I sign up for self-defense training?

Contact Community Outreach Officer Juan Cardenas at jcardenas@nvcc.edu or 703.539.9319.

How do I find out about my court date?

If you were issued a traffic ticket (Virginia Uniformed Summons) and are required to appear in court, you can view your court date information on the Virginia Judicial Systems website.

How do I provide compliments or complaints on a NOVA police officer of the NOVA Police Department?

Contact NOVA Police with concerns, to provide compliments or complaints. Monitored 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

How do I sign up for NOVA Police training?

Contact NOVA Police Community Outreach Department at novapdoutreach@nvcc.edu.

How do I report a crime or have a question about a crime?

If you have any questions about a crime or need to report a crime, you may come into any NOVA Police Department Office and ask to speak with a police officer. You may report a crime at any NOVA police location, even if the crime occurred elsewhere at NOVA. You may also contact us at 703.764.5000 or email PoliceDispatch@nvcc.edu.

If a crime occurs at a NOVA center, contact local police who will handle the case.