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Don’t waste your time standing in line! NOVAQ will tell you when it’s your turn.

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Text "NOVAQ AL" to 703.348.0388

Text "NOVAQ LO" to 703.348.0388

Text "NOVAQ AN" to 703.348.0388

Text "NOVAQ MA" to 703.348.0388

Text "NOVAQ MEC" to 703.348.0388

Text "NOVAQ WO" to 703.348.0388

Use NOVAQ to check in to Student Services at a campus kiosk, your computer, text message or by calling the automated phone line.

Here’s how it works:

Sign in using one of the kiosks in a Student Services office.
  1. Go to the kiosk in the service office you want to visit.
  2. Touch the screen to begin.
  3. Follow the directions on the screen. 
  4. You will receive text updates on your cell phone. 
Sign in using your mobile phone.
  1. Text “NOVAQ(space)AN” or "NOVAQ(space)MEC" to 703.348.0388 on your smart phone.
  2. Follow the directions to sign in.
  3. Select the service and then the transaction type.
  4. You will receive text updates on your cell phone. 

NOVAQ Transaction Commands

  • L (Leave the queue) use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
  • S (Status update) use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.
  • M (More time) use this command to request additional time if you can't be in the area.
  • H (Help) use this command to get additional assistance with NOVA Q.
  • W (Switch) use this command to switch from text to voice call updates.
  • N# (Notify me in XX minutes) use this command to let NOVA Q know when to send an alert. 
Sign in from this page by clicking on the campus.
  1. Click the campus you wish to visit.
  2. Follow the directions to sign in.
  3. Select the service and then the transaction type.
  4. You will receive text updates on your cell phone. 
Sign in by calling the automated phone line.
  1. Call the number listed using any touch-tone phone.
  2. Sign in by responding to the voice prompts.
  3. You will receive text updates on your cell phone.  

NOVA Student Services Utilizing NOVAQ

Enrollment Services

The nuts and bolts of application, tuition, records and graduation.
*Only for CREDIT; not ACLI/Workforce Development.

  • Apply to NOVA
  • In-State Tuition/Domicile
  • Registration/Enrollment
  • Record Update
  • Transcript Services
  • Graduation
  • Enrollment Verification/Deferments
  • Senior Citizen Registration
  • Other
  • More Information

First Year Advising

For 17-24 year-old high school (or GED) graduates, who have not attended college (other than dual enrollment courses): you are a GPS for Success student and should sign in to see a First Year Advisor.

  • Getting Started
  • Registration Holds
  • Academic Advising
  • Change of Major
  • Career Planning
  • Completing the Academic Plan/SSP
  • Other
  • More Information

International Students

For students from outside the U.S. who wish to obtain or change to F-1 status to study intensive English or enter a degree program at NOVA.

  • Prospective Degree Students
  • Prospective Language Training Students
  • Current Degree Students
  • Current Language Training Students
  • More Information

Financial Aid

Helps you find ways to make college affordable.

  • Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA Assistance)
  • Check Status of Financial Aid
  • Check Status of Refund
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Work Study
  • Finalize Loan Process
  • Scholarship Information
  • Other
  • More Information


For all prospective students, new students 25 and older, students with college experience, continuing NOVA students, and former students who are returning.

  • First Time at NOVA
  • High School Dual Enrollment
  • Registration Holds
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Planning
  • Transfer Planning
  • Personal Concerns
  • Disability Support Services
  • Other
  • More Information

Student Life

Get involved in the many events, clubs and sports offered at NOVA.

  • Advertising/Fundraising
  • Athletics/Intramurals
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Community Service
  • Events
  • SGA
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Trips/Travel
  • Other
  • More Information

Pathway to the Baccalaureate

For students admitted into the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program who would like to meet with a Pathway Advisor.

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Aid/Financial Issues
  • Graduation/Transfer Application Assistance
  • Transfer Planning
  • SDV 100 class
  • Other
  • More Information

Veterans Advising

Support for active duty military, veterans and their dependents attending NOVA.

  • Educational Benefit Information
  • Submit Paperwork
  • Change of Degree Plan
  • Enrollment/Adjustments
  • Payment Issues
  • VA Advising
  • Vet Success Counselor
  • More Information