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Military and Veteran Services

The Office of Military and Veterans Services (OMVS) is a centralized office designed to provide comprehensive resources to veterans and military related personnel who are utilizing VA and tuition assistant educational benefits.

Important Notice – Spring 2021 – Impact on Post 9/11 (CH 33) Monthly Housing Allowance

Due to COVID-19, the Veterans Administration (VA) recognizes that majority of the courses offered for the Spring 2021 semester that are residential, hybrid and/or in person courses will be conducted remotely via ZOOM or CANVAS.

  • For the Post-9/11(CH 33) students that would like to receive the residential monthly allowance housing amount, you will need to be enrolled in one or more residential or hybrid course(s). A course that has an E in front of the section number does not qualify and is considered an online course.
  • A way to make sure the course is a residential course is to look at the section number of the course. If the section number begins with an E, it is an NOVA Online course which is considered a distance learning (online) course.
    • ENG 111 001N – The course is considered a residential/hybrid course.
    • ENG 111 E06W – The course is considered an online course.

This is an example of a full-time schedule for the regular 15-week session with all classes beginning January 11, 2021 and ending on May 3, 2021.

Students will receive the full-residential-monthly-allowance-housing-amount based off campus location of the majority of the course credit hour(s).

  • ENG 111 001N - 3 credit hours
  • CST 100 020N - 3 credit hours
  • HIS 101 013N - 3 credit hours
  • MTH 154 E56N - 3 credit hours

Students will receive the national-online-rate based off all courses being conducted online through NOVA Online (Distance Learning).

  • ENG 111 E01N - 3 credit hours
  • PSY 200 E13N - 3 credit hours
  • BUS 100 E07A - 3 credit hours
  • ITE 115 E56N - 3 credit hours