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Our Honors Students Share Their Accomplishments

Student #1

Aman Waheed

The Honors Program at NOVA is an enriching, fulfilling experience that cannot be matched anywhere else. It is not merely the small class sizes, including more focus on students and professors, but the overall experience of meeting others on a mission toward success. During my time in the NOVA Honors Program, I met and heard students’ inspirational stories that were not far from my own, and from there we built a bond that will carry us for the rest of our lives.

I am currently studying Finance & Management at one of the best business schools in the nation -- all thanks to NOVA! I have been placed in a group with students from different walks of life, and we compete in challenging business competitions and work with REAL companies to solve their REAL problems. I will be using my education to eventually start a venture in the technology industry and, later, build my own clothing brand. At the end of my NOVA experience, I learned to make the most of every opportunity and, most importantly, to NEVER GIVE UP!

2017 Honors Program graduate, NOVA AS degree in Business Administration, Jack Kent Cooke 2017 Scholarship recipient, and current University of Virginia student at McIntire School of Commerce

Student #1

Charlotte Hepler

As an honors student at NOVA, I had the opportunity to take advanced classes with engaging professors, all at the price of a community college education. During my time as a student, I took nine honors classes and attended two different study abroad programs with the support of the NOVA Honors Program. I participated in academic conferences, attended the Honors Club, and even landed an internship at the National Institutes of Health through their community college program. My NOVA honors courses prepared me very well academically and allowed me to transfer into the Honors Program at my four-year institution. I greatly enjoyed my time in the NOVA Honors Program. The program provides excellent opportunities for motivated, community college students.

2016 Honors Program and A.S. graduate, current Marymount University student

Ianna Alhambra

Ianna Alhambra

Research, Enrichment, Academic Rigor, Leadership. NOVA's Honors Program is a prestigious opportunity for any and all individuals that have an interest and desire to further their academic career with a strong support system and in a healthy environment. In 2013, when I joined the Honors Program at NOVA my main interest was the smaller class sizes and student-led discussions in a seminar style classroom. I had no idea the program would shape me into the confident, determined and outspoken individual I am today. I wouldn't be half the person I am today, if it wasn't for the support system that helped me when I was down, the rigorous courses that developed my go-getting work ethic, the enrichment's that helped further develop a deeper understanding of my world around me, and the leadership opportunities that I have been very fortunate to experience. The program helped me with my research abilities, gain the confidence I needed to speak with my professors at a four-year university, and the inspiration to give back to my community. I graduated from the NOVA Honors Pogram in 2015. It has set me up for success in my undergraduate program at George Mason University, and for that I am forever grateful.

2015 Honors Program graduate, NOVA AS degree in General Studies and current George Mason University student majoring in Tourism and Event Management with a concentration in Event Management and minoring in Kinesiology

Jasmine Singletary

Jasmine Singletary

I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from James Madison University, and I still connect all my accomplishments and future goals back to the Honors Program at NOVA. My love of international education began while studying abroad in London with the Honors Program during my freshman year, and in Ireland during my sophomore year. Had it not been for those two incredible opportunities, I would have never decided upon a career path administering study abroad and exchange programs for students, and I wouldn't be teaching English in Spain starting in October. I'm glad I made the most out of my time, regardless of being at a community college, because the Honors Program took me places far beyond my wildest imagination.

2015 Honors Program graduate, NOVA AS degree in Social Science and James Madison University 2017 graduate, BA in International Affairs

Jon Emch

Jon Emch

The NOVA Honors Program had one of the most significant impacts on my life. I was placed in courses that were fast paced and led by professors of the highest caliber. Currently a student at a prominent four-year university, I can assure you that the talented professors at NOVA measure up, and sometimes exceed, those at my university. 

Honors challenged me as a student and as an individual. Through honors-specific courses, I had interactions with university leadership and studied abroad in Ireland in 2015. NOVA Honors prepared me for college and for life, exposing me to many different points of view of people from many walks of life.

I was assigned extra work in most of my courses and had community service requirements. However, I encourage people to look past the work, and past the challenges. These hurdles only serve to make you a stronger student and better person. I can attest that through NOVA's Honors Program, I achieved both of those principles.

2016 Honors Program graduate, NOVA AS degree in Social Science with a GIS specialization and current Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) student majoring in Geography and minoring in GIS and National Security and Foreign Affairs