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Honors Program Benefits

  • NOVA honors students share a laugh around a computer

Why NOVA Honors?

There are many benefits for completing the Honors Program at NOVA. For some, it is a self-guided exploration of new material facilitated by an experienced guide. For others, the appeal lies in the small class size and seminar-style discussions. The out-of-class enrichment experiences offer a distinctive bonus that all can enjoy.

Benefits Include:

  • smaller classes with stimulating professors and peers
  • student-led discussions in seminar-style classrooms
  • multi-disciplinary approaches
  • college-wide events and enrichment opportunities
  • local, state, regional and national participation in Honors conferences
  • competitive edge applying to four-year institutions
  • 4-year Honors transfer memoranda of understanding
  • Honors course and Core Completion designation on your transcript
  • Honors Certificate of Completion for Successful Core Completion
  • recognition at commencement
  • potential letters of recommendation from Honors faculty

Our diverse NOVA Honors Ambassadors would like to give you a quick introduction to the NOVA Honors Program in the video below. Check out what real life students have to say about NOVA Honors.

Honors Program Transfer Agreements

Students who successfully complete the Honors Program at Northern Virginia Community College are eligible for transfer into the Honors Programs or Colleges at the following four-year institutions. These agreements vary from institution to institution and do not guarantee general admission into the college/university.