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Honors Program

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The Honors Program provides you with an enriched program of study.

The NOVA Honors Program strives to provide qualified students with advanced teaching and mentoring to enhance their educational experience. Our program is designed to cultivate the personal and systemic transformation of students who participate in the program or decide to enroll in individual Honors courses.

Our diverse NOVA Honors Ambassadors would like to give you a quick introduction to the NOVA Honors Program in the video below. Check out what real life students have to say about NOVA Honors.

Honors students often interact as community leaders and can enrich their study through engaging, comprehensive and challenging opportunities, including:

  • small class sizes
  • seminar-style discussions
  • academic scholarships
  • presenting at Honors symposia and conferences
  • field trips
  • campus and community service projects
  • internships
  • leadership opportunities
  • campus and College-wide honors events
  • exemplary guest speakers
  • letters of recommendation
  • Campus Honors Club
  • special transfer opportunities to selective institutions

Honors Lead Faculty and Honors counselors are available at each campus to help students decide if the Honors Program or specific Honors courses will help focus their academic goals. Student Services staff, counselors, and advising specialists also can provide students with further information.

The Honors Program provides a comprehensive, educational experience for Honors students and allows them to interact as a community of learners.

Schedule of Classes

Fall 2023

Summer Honors classes are not offered at this time.

Get More Out of Your NOVA Education

The NOVA Honors Program offers you an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities, conduct research, stimulate your mind with rigorous courses, study an interesting subject in great depth and explore ideas across disciplines. It is a chance to think independently and critically, participate actively in discussion and learn in collaboration with fellow Honors students.

Is NOVA Honors Right for Me?

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