Financial Responsibilities

two students examining a parrot

Tuition and Fees

Health Requirements and Vaccinations

Given the unique demands of our program and the potential exposure to animals with unknown medical histories, maintaining good health is essential. 

Rabies Vaccination

The teaching animals from shelters are generally considered healthy, but most animals we will work with have unknown backgrounds and medical histories. Northern Virginia is an endemic rabies area, and the potential for exposure to a rabid animal is high in our profession. All students are required to be vaccinated against the rabies virus. Students must provide documented proof of pre-exposure rabies vaccination series completion or a current rabies titer before starting the program. Failure to provide the requested documentation for rabies vaccination or current rabies titer could result in withdrawal of program placement until the documentation is provided. Regardless of vaccination status, if a student is exposed to rabies, they will still need medical treatment.

Generally, a pre-exposure vaccine series is needed only once a lifetime, with blood titers confirmed every three years per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. A booster rabies vaccine is warranted if a student has a documented non-protective rabies titer. Students in our program are considered Risk Category 3 and should follow CDC guidelines for rabies vaccination and titer recommendations. There is more information to be found on the Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) | Prevention | CDC, but please consult with a healthcare provider for specific questions about rabies vaccination and titers.

Ensure you are fully prepared for your coursework by obtaining the required textbooks from the NOVA Bookstore and essential items such as a recommended Littmann stethoscope, white lab coat, and white tennis shoes. Explore financial assistance options, including applying for Financial Aid, checking eligibility for the G3 Initiative, and exploring available scholarships to support your education.