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12TH ANNUAL POWER UP YOUR PEDAGOGY CONFERENCE - Reflect, Renew and Recharge: Creating a Lasting Impact for our Students

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Thursday, January 3, 2017
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Session TitlePresenterSession TypeEvaluation URL
An Online Programming Assignment Testing and Assessment Tool Yingjin Cui 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Clear Student Learning Outcomes Are Key to Creating Coherent Pathways Sharon Karkehabadi 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Providing Library Resource Guides at Point of Need Diane Kearney 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Enhancing Traditional Active Learning Through Contemplative Based Practices Kristyn Moskey 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
OER: What it Means and How it Can Impact Your Teaching in Positive Ways Kofie Nelson 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Honors Pathways for All Students Stacy Rice 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
To Think, To Speak and To Write: These Are the Answers to Impactful Student Learning Dr. Sabrina Ricks 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Dealing With Difficult People John Weinstein 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Build a Collaborative Classroom to Teach Students Beyond the Text S. L. (Sly) Young 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About DIVERSITY, but Were Afraid to Ask! Maureen Madden 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Equity in the Classroom: Practical Strategies That Work Kathleen Lloyd 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Achieving the Dream With OER at NOVA Preston Davis 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
What Traits Do You Look For To Identify a Good Student? Erica Smith 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Accessing Our Generation 1.5 Students Memuna Sillah 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Building a Cohort Inside and Outside the Classroom Mary Bramley 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Getting to Know Your Campus Learning Center Courtney Boland 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Teaching Film in Ethiopia as a Fulbright Scholar Lucy Gebre-Egziabher 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Summer High School Forensics Academy: The NOVA Experience Mary Vander Maten 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Teach Your Students How to Learn: A Session on Metacognition Gillian Backus 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Increase Your Mental and Physical Health by Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence Georgeana Stratton 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation
Incorporating Critical Thinking into REAL Components of Honors Courses John Sound 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Managing Personal Electronics in the Classroom Bennett Reginald 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Active Learning Strategies Joanne Hynes-Hunter 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation

2:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Session TitlePresenterSession TypeEvaluation URL
Teaching with WayMaker Courseware: An Open Resource Alpana Das 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Navigating Hybrid Course Design and Templates Marc Dluger 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Going Old School Through Modern Technology: How to Enhance, not replace, interaction with students John Kincheloe 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
What’s at Stake? Engagement, Authenticity and Collaboration in ESL Oral Communication Class Agnes Malicka 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Digital Storytelling: An Alternative to the Traditional Class Essay Amy Melendez 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
March: Teaching a Graphic Novel in the ESL Classroom Linda Millington 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Maximizing Student Success through Guided Dual Enrollment Pathways Amy Nearman 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Guided Career Pathways: Non-Traditional Student Success Gwendelyn (Wende) Ruffin-Lowry 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Color-Coded Feedback in Hybrid and Online ESL Composition and Reading Classes Nataliya Schetchikova 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Food, Glorious Food! Using Food and Drink as Active Learning Tools in the Science Classroom Kristen Simmons 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
I Would Rather Be in Class Than Play on My Smart Phone, Or Would I? Tatiana Stantcheva 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Helping NOVA Students Gain a Financial Foothold: Accessing the Working Students Success Network Rachelle Thompson 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Using e-Portfolios for Interactive Grading Strategies Joanne Hynes-Hunter 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Title IX - We’re All Responsible Employees! Elizabeth Harper 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Making a Solid Connection with Students Online Cynthia Rathjen 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
X Factor: Transitioning to a New World Twyla Jones 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Connecting Students to Real World Experiences through Jobs, Internships, Externships and Volunteering Trasi Watson 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Energy, Environment and Sustainability at NOVA Robert Johnson 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Resources to Support Students With Their Career Planning Christy Jensen 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Maximizing Career Readiness Strategies in the Classroom Erika Coddington 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Emotional Baggage and the College Professor: What Our Bodies Are Telling Our Students Lisa Nanni-Messegee 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Pathways to Leadership Provosts 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Developing an Honors Course Stacy Rice 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Effectively Supporting Our Underserved Students to Completion Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon 60-Minute Spotlight Session Evaluation

3:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Session TitlePresenterSession TypeEvaluation URL
NOVA Soars! Gamifying the College Success Sarah Bogdewiecz 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Authentic Assessment: A Means to Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills and Improve Learning Sharon Karkehabadi 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Working Effectively with Underprepared and Resistant Learners Bernice Mayfield 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Increase Student Engagement by Gamifying Your Classroom Amy Melendez 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Talking so Your Students Listen: Listening so Your Students Talk Nan Peck 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Using Debate with English Language Learners and Beyond Leslie Sheen 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Engaging with Technology Amanda Trostle 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Upcoming Changes in Mathematics Courses Bruce Wahl 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Exploring Multiple Dimensions of Blended Learning: Examples, Strategies and Tools Hong Wang 45-Mintue Peer Session Evaluation
Engaging Students through OER to Promote More Equitable Educational Outcomes Cynthia Rathjen 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Open Education and Degree Pathways: Experience and Results from The Zx23 Project Dr Braddlee 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Faculty Advising: Doing What You Can, Where You Are! Rhonda Myers 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Student Retention Best Practices and the Corps Initiative at NOVA Rima Gulshan 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Grants and Good Ideas Robert Henderson 45-Minute Training Session Evaluation
Behaviors Linked to Success W.Riley Holzberlein 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Creating a Human Library on Your Campus Cooper Patricia 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Utilize Visual Thinking Strategies Methods to Enhance Class Discussion Bo Yang 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
FAM Meeting Keri Bowman 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
FACA: Encouraging Program Completion Through Financial Aid Course Audit Joan Zanders 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation

2:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Session TitlePresenterSession TypeEvaluation URL
Next Generation Learning Models in College Classes: Tips and Tricks on Creating a Learner-driven Environment Krisztina Domjan 105-Mintue Special Session Evaluation
An UN-Workshop: Connecting Students to Your Curriculum Ray Orkwis 105-Mintue Special Session Evaluation
Classroom Management and You! Maro Bentley 45-Minute Peer Session Evaluation
Mindfulness Gail Freeman 105-Minute Special Session Evaluation
Virtual Reality: Opportunities for Student Engagement Hector Revollo 105-Minute Special Session Evaluation
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