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Welcome to Northern Virginia Community College’s Office of the Ombuds. The Office of the Ombuds provides a safe and confidential place where all Northern Virginia Community College employees – staff, faculty, administrators, temporary employees, and student employees – can voluntarily seek free informal guidance to proactively address workplace conflicts or concerns.

The Office of the Ombuds is an independent, confidential, impartial, and informal resource that employees may access without fear of retaliation or loss of privacy.

The Office of the Ombuds assists employees by providing information and insight to collaboratively develop options that address concerns or challenges in a productive and positive manner.

The Employee Ombuds acts in a neutral and transparent way by not taking sides, representing/advocating on behalf of an individual, conducting investigations, or rendering a judgment about an issue, but rather works collaboratively to problem-solve and develop a range of options to address issues that support empowerment and a fair process.


The Office of the Ombuds is a separate office and function from the Compliance Office, Office Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Office of Title IX, Legal, HR Employee Relations, and other College administration and operates outside of ordinary line and staff structures.


The Office of the Ombuds provide a means for informal and off-the-record discussions, with no management decision-making power or formal College process, and without accepting notice for the College. Requests to engage in a formal procedure, such as filling a grievance or putting the College on notice, will be referred to the appropriate office.


The Office of the Ombuds will protect the identity and confidential information shared by a visitor unless there is an imminent threat of serious harm.