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The Student Ombuds Service (SOS) is a resource for helping students explore options for resolving problematic issues.

Confidential │Independent │Informal │Neutral │Voluntary

The Student Ombuds Services WILL:

  • Offer a safe place where students may discuss problems or issues.
  • Actively listen to students’ concerns.
  • Provide information on College policies and procedures.
  • Assist students in evaluating available options.
  • Refer students to the appropriate NVCC office to resolve their concerns.
  • Provide upward feedback to NVCC administration when a systemic issue or trend is observed.

The Student Ombuds Services CANNOT:

  • Act as an advocate in a dispute involving college or non-college problems or complaints.
  • Compel participation; use of the Student Ombuds Services is strictly voluntary.
  • Represent individuals in appeals, formal grievance procedures, nor provide legal advice on or off campus.
  • Overturn binding decisions but can investigate procedural fairness.
  • Keep formal written records. The Student Ombuds Services can help you determine how to keep your own record if you need to do that.