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Frequently Asked Questions

What do students commonly consult with the Student Ombuds Services about?

  • Academic Concerns
  • Business Office (i.e., Payment & Parking)
  • Concerns about an Appeal Process
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Financial Aid
  • General Concerns about Navigating your Academic journey at NVCC (i.e., Advising)
  • Student Accounts (i.e., MyNOVA, Email, Transcripts, etc.)
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Violation of College Policies and/or Procedures

Will you be my advocate?
SOS cannot act as an advocate in a dispute. SOS is a neutral and impartial service.

Will you represent me in appeals or formal grievance procedures, either on or off campus?
SOS will guide you to the appropriate resources or office to assist you.

Can you provide me legal representation or give legal advice?
The Ombudsperson is not a legal expert but a neutral and impartial resource for students.

Does speaking with SOS obligate the college to take action regarding my concerns?
SOS is a confidential, independent, informal, and neutral service for students. It is voluntary for students to utilize our services; this means if you want to initiate a formal complaint to the college you must contact the appropriate office. SOS will be happy to guide you to the appropriate office.

Will you keep a record of my concerns? 
In order to maintain the confidentiality of your concerns, SOS does not maintain official records. However, we do keep working notes to keep track of ongoing interactions and follow-up activities, but these notes are purged periodically. 

How does the SOS office enhance the student experience?
SOS exists to listen to all students at the college and to observe trends in students’ complaints to create opportunities for college-wide improvement.