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When a student is found responsible for violating the Code of Conduct, sanctions will be imposed. Disciplinary sanctions generally attempt to accomplish the following:

  1. provide fair and just consequences for misconduct
  2. provide protection for the safety and property of the college community
  3. enhance the academic environment
  4. discourage future violations of the Code of Conduct
  5. contribute to the growth and development of the student. Any sanction imposed applies to the entire College.

There are two types of sanctions -- administrative and educational. Administrative sanctions are more formal actions and frequently relate to the status of the student at the College. Administrative sanctions may be assigned independent of or in conjunction with educational sanctions. Educational sanctions are designed to include developmental activities related to specific acts of misconduct. The goals of educational sanctions are to reduce the probability of repeat behavior, to give students the opportunity to demonstrate personal growth, and to appropriately restore behaviors conducive to NOVA’s academic environment. Educational sanctions may be assigned independent of or in conjunction with administrative sanctions.