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On-Time Registration

On-Time Registration

All students enrolling at NOVA will be required to register by 11:59 p.m. the day before the session begins to meet the On-Time Registration requirement.

Q: What is the difference between a semester and a session at NOVA?
A: At NOVA, a semester refers to an academic term. We have three terms in an academic year: Fall, Spring and Summer. A session refers to the number of weeks within a semester/term during which a course is scheduled to meet. NOVA offers several different sessions each semester to provide you with a variety of course and scheduling options. For example, in addition to the standard 16- and 8-week sessions, you might find sessions taught in 6, 10, 12 or 14 weeks. Consult the online Schedule of Classes and your academic advisor for more information about scheduling options.

Q: Does the On-Time Registration Policy impact when payment is due after I register for classes?
A: No. The payment deadline policy remains the same as in previous semesters. Payment deadlines for the current and upcoming semester can be found on the NOVA website or by contacting your campus business office.

Q: I have been dropped from a course for nonpayment, but didn’t realize it. My professor told me I’m not on the class roster. Can I get back into the class?

A: You will only be able to re-enroll if you were dropped as the result of a NOVA error. You will need to complete a Registration With Permission Form (125–070) and obtain supporting documentation from the financial aid or business office to submit to the appropriate academic division dean for approval. Your form and supporting documentation must be submitted during the limited schedule adjustment period during the first week of classes. Consult the College Catalog for more information on schedule adjustments.

Q: Can I add, drop or swap classes after On-Time Registration closes? 
A: After the deadline has passed, your ability to add a class is restricted. If you register after the deadline, you must come to campus in person to sign up for a course that has not started yet and has open seats.

There is a limited schedule adjustment period during the first week of classes if you have documented mitigating circumstances that impacted your ability to register on time. You will need to submit supporting documentation to the appropriate academic division dean for approval. You are permitted to drop your courses at any time in accordance with NOVA’s Academic Calendar. You should carefully consider your options before dropping a course. You may not be able to swap sections. Consult the College Catalog and your advisor for more information on schedule adjustments.

Q: Does the On-Time Registration policy apply to all students?
A: Yes, the policy applies to all NOVA students.