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Fundraising by Student Organizations

Policy Number: 612

Categorized: Student Services

Responsible Office: College Wide Student Activities and Athletics

Subject: Policy and procedures for fundraising by student organizations

Related Policies: Fundraising, Use of College Name and Logo


Additional Information:

Effective Date: 01/16/2018

Last Reviewed Date:

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all students and recognized student organizations that wish to solicit gifts on or off campus for their College recognized organization.

2.0 Policy Statement

With prior approval, recognized student organizations may conduct fundraising activities to support their organizational goals or to benefit a charitable group associated with the student organization. Individual students may not conduct fundraising on campus for any purpose.

Fundraising policies and procedures have been established to ensure that these activities do not interfere with the day-to-day operation of the College, comply with state and local laws and regulations, and ensure that funds are properly accounted for.

3.0 Definitions

Donor: Any individual or organization that contributes money or materials to Northern Virginia Community College and/or the NVCC Educational Foundation.

Fundraising: the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational budget enhancement.

Off-Campus Fundraising: the solicitation of donations from non-college individuals, corporations and alumni.

Recognized student organization: an organization that has followed the procedures for recognition and approval outlined in the Student Life Resource Guide. This category includes student clubs and organizations including student government, and student groups organized around shared academic interests such as the Honors Program or Phi Theta Kappa.

4.0 Procedures

4.1 Approval Process

  1. Recognized student organizations must obtain approval for on campus fundraising activities from the campus Student Life Office.
  2. For off-campus fundraising requests that exceed $500, student organizations must follow the procedures outlined in the Fundraising Policy.
  3. Unsolicited or voluntary donations must be reported to the Office of Institutional Advancement for acknowledgement and coordination. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. A third-party vendor wants to provide giveaways for students
    2. A company would like to sponsor a lunch or dinner
  4. If any contracts are to be signed, they must be reviewed, approved and signed by authorized College representatives. No individual officer, member or adviser of a student organization may sign a contract on behalf of the College or a student organization.

4.2 General Guidelines

  1. Fundraising activities must have a defined purpose.
  2. For student organizations, fundraising activities must be related to the mission of the student organization or for the support of a charitable organization.
  3. Fundraising activities are subject to reasonable restrictions of time, place and manner.
  4. Funds raised may not be used for illegal purposes or for the personal financial gain of individuals.
  5. Fundraising activities must be staffed entirely by the membership of the sponsoring student organization. A visible sign indicating sponsorship must be displayed at all times.

4.3 Sales

  1. All sales conducted on campus shall comply with College policies and state and local laws.
  2. There shall be no sales that are in conflict with or which violate College contracts.
  3. Door to door sales and solicitations are prohibited.
  4. Merchandise to be sold with the College logo or mascot must be approved by Office of Marketing, Web and Creative Services and may not duplicate merchandise for sale in the Barnes and Noble bookstore.
  5. When planning an event for a fundraiser, student organizations must follow the procedures outlined in the Student Life Resource Guide.

4.4 Charity

  1. A student organization may conduct a fundraising activity for a charitable organization only when approved by the campus Student Life Office.
  2. The charitable organization must hold a 501.c3 status.
  3. At the location of the fundraiser, the recognized student organization must have a representative of the charitable organization present and/or pamphlets and literature available about the charitable organization.
  4. Funds raised may not be turned over directly to the charitable organization, but must be deposited with the campus Student Life Office so that an official NOVA check may be issued to the charitable organization.

4.5 Off-campus fundraising

  1. On-campus student groups and organizations, must submit a fundraising proposal to the Office of Institutional Advancement 30 days prior to soliciting sponsors or donations from outside businesses, organizations and individuals. The proposal must contain:
    1. Name of on-campus organization or group
    2. Contact information for responsible party (name, title, phone and email)
    3. Explanation of how the funds will be used (to sponsor an event, give to a charity, travel to a conference, etc.)
    4. Fundraising plan including names of businesses/individuals to be contacted, method of fundraising (in person, phone, email, etc.) and fundraising goal.
    5. Samples of fundraising materials to ensure the proper use of the College’s name and logo
  2. Crowdsourcing, or soliciting contributions from an online community, is prohibited.
  3. Athletic teams may be permitted to solicit the parents of current team members with advance approval from the Director of College Wide Student Activities and Athletics and the NOVA Foundation.

4.6 Money Handling

Student organizations must follow the procedures in the Student Life Resource Guide regarding money handling.

4.7 Violations

Violations of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action in accord with the Student Code of Conduct and Integrity.

5.0 Authority

VCCS Policy 2.10 Fiscal Policies and Procedures

VCCS Policy 4.5 Acceptance of Gifts, Grants, and Contracts