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Cell Phone Stipend Policy

Policy Number: 510

Categorized: Information Technology

Responsible Office: VP of Instructional and Information Technology

Subject: Policies and procedures governing cell phone stipends

Related Policies: Bring Your Own Device Policy, Sensitive Data and Personal Storage Devices Policy, DHRM Policy 1.75

Forms: Cell Phone Stipend Request Form, Employee Acceptable Use Agreement, Employee Ethics Agreement

Additional Information: Freedom of Information Act Applicability to Cell Phones (Appendix A)

Effective Date: 02/28/2011

Last Reviewed Date: 08/25/2015

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all NOVA employees.

2.0 Policy Statement

All cell phone stipends must be approved by the employee’s Administrative Council member.

All cell phone costs are the responsibility of the individual’s department.

Cell Phone Stipends are limited to only those employees who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The employee’s job requires that they work regularly in the field and need to be immediately accessible
  • The employee is responsible for critical infrastructure and needs to be immediately accessible at all times, even when not on an NVCC campus or site
  • The employee travels and needs to be accessible or have access to information technology systems while traveling
  • The employee frequently makes or receives calls after hours or on weekends

Cell phone stipends are only for those employees who meet the criteria and regularly use the cell phone for business purposes as described above. They are not for those who are just on-call or make occasional use of a cell phone.

The college may choose to provide a college-owned Cell Phone (rather than a Cell Phone Stipend) where it is impractical for the employee to use their personal cell phone for college business due to one of the following situations:

  • The employee meets one of the criteria above, but is not expected to answer calls after hours or on weekends.
  • The employee receives a high volume of vendor phone calls.
  • The employee receives a very high volume of after-hours or weekend phone calls.
  • Many of the calls are of long duration—especially after hours or on weekends.
  • Other special situations require the approval of the VP for Instructional & Information Technology.

All those who receive a cell phone stipend or college cell phone are subject to the provisions of the College Cell Phone Program. The college assumes no responsibility for purchasing, repairing, or replacing any personal cell phone for an employee receiving a cell phone stipend.

3.0 Definitions

Stipend – a fixed periodic payment.

4.0 Procedures

Those who receive a Cell Phone Stipend agree to the following:

  • If the wireless communication device is lost, no longer active, or no longer needed for job responsibilities, the employee must notify ITSS and Human Resources.
  • Employees who receive a stipend for a smart phone must use a password to protect the data on the phone, and must notify the cell phone company and ITSS immediately if the phone is lost or stolen.
  • The college reserves the right to modify or remove the stipend at any time.
  • Aspects of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Virginia Public Records Act may apply to smart phones.
  • The monthly stipend allowance covers College business-related costs.
  • The College assumes no responsibility for early termination of cell phone contracts.
  • The employee must follow college Acceptable Use and Social Media policies.
  • The employee must allow the number to be posted on appropriate phone lists.
  • If the college employs mobile device security software, the employee will use that software for connections to NVCC or VCCS systems.

Requests for a Cell Phone Stipend must be made on the appropriate request form to the Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology.

Administrative Council members will periodically review cell phone stipend recipients, and may cancel the stipend at any time.

Additional Cell Phone Stipend Information

  • Stipend amounts assume the employee will take advantage of available state employee discounts offered by the cell phone companies.
  • Stipend amounts include cell phone plans and devices, fees and taxes, and an amount for the tax due on the stipend.
  • The stipend for wireless communication is paid through College payroll.
  • Stipend rates will be reviewed regularly.
  • The stipend will be considered taxable income.
  • If an employee receives a Cell Phone Stipend, the employee is responsible for purchasing the wireless communication device and service plan. The device is the employee’s personal property.
  • The stipend is not considered part of base pay.
  • All stipends and college-owned cell phone costs are paid from department/unit budgets. Stipends may be discontinued at any time by supervisors and/or Administrative Council members at any time.
  • The choice of phone and carrier for college-owned Cell Phone is at the discretion of IT Support Services. The choice of phone and carrier for those receiving a Cell Phone Stipend is up to the employee. Currently, the college only commits to supporting the Apple iPhone.
  • Requests for Cell Phone Stipends require the approval of the employee’s supervisor, Administrative Council member, and Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology.

5.0 Authority

NOVA Administrative Council (February 2011)