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Bring Your Own Device

Policy Number: 507

Categorized: Information Technology

Responsible Office: VP of Instructional and Information Technology

Subject: Policy and procedures governing the use of personally-owned mobile devices

Related Policies: Sensitive Data and Personal Storage Devices, Acceptable Computer Use

Forms: Employee Acceptable Use Agreement, Employee Ethics Agreement, VCCS IT Student/Patron Ethics Agreement

Additional Information: Wireless Networks

Effective Date:

Last Reviewed Date: 10/04/2017

1.0 Scope

This policy applies to all Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) employees, including full and part-time staff, faculty, contractors, consultants, volunteers, interns and student hires, and students (collectively “users”) who utilize personally-owned devices to access, store, back up, modify or relocate any VCCS or College systems and/or data.

2.0 Policy Statement

NOVA allows the use of personally owned electronic devices on its network. NOVA, VCCS and DHRM policies, Acceptable Use and Ethics Agreements apply whether using a NOVA or personally owned device. Even though NOVA allows the use of personally owned devices on the network, it is up to the individual instructor whether they may be used in class.

3.0 Definitions

Personally owned device: all devices and accompanying media that fit the following classifications:

  • Laptop/notebook/tablet computers
  • Mobile/cellular phones
  • Smartphones
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  • Home or personal computers used to access institutional resources
  • Any mobile device capable of storing corporate data and connecting to an unmanaged network

4.0 Procedures

  • Users assume full liability for risks, including but not limited to, the partial or complete loss of his/her personal device and its contents due to an operating system crash, errors, bugs, viruses, malware, and/or other software or hardware failures, or programming errors that render the device unusable.
  • Aspects of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Virginia Public Records Act may apply to laptops, tablets, or smart phones whether personal or college owned and used for public business. For additional information see the NOVA FOIA web page.

5.0 Authority

VCCS IT Requirements